Karl & Kelly: Wedding

Lots of sun, lots of wind, lots of rain, lots of sun again. Karl and Kelly's wedding day was filled with many surprises. The massive storm that came from out of nowhere was one of them. We started with the couple's first glance (one of my favorite ones ever) on the front porch of Kelly's parents house (where the reception was held) and within 45 minutes we were all trapped in the tent with two umbrellas to go back and forth to the refuge of the house. Thank goodness for wrap around porches, where we did a lot of the portraits beforehand.

After the ceremony at a local church, we made one more stop at Old Leacock Presbyterian for some more photos and then headed back to the tent where everyone was waiting for us, hungry. We no sooner sat down and were told to all exit the tent and stand in the back yard where a "presentation" was about to begin. As the crowd of over 250 of us walked out, we saw an airplane circling above us. Within a few minutes, we saw something falling from the sky. It was a sky diver! First time for everything. When he landed he pulled out a mostly-smashed little cake for the newlyweds who quickly took a big bite out of it.

Once back in the tent, there were more surprises...a special song sung by Kelly's dad to her, a slideshow, and the fathers of the newlyweds served every guest his/her ham slice. There were so many special touches on this wedding, I can't even list them all. Kelly was another field hockey player of mine and I always remember her sincere concern for others, willingness to be a servant, and passion to finish strongly at whatever she was pursuing. On this day, she began a new pursuit...marriage. They couldn't be more in love and they couldn't be a more perfect match for each other. Here is a little window into our fun-filled day with Karl and Kelly.