Noah: Six Months

Mr. Smiles is now six months old. He is the third boy in our family to wear this shirt. Those dimples. That laugh. Those two little pearly whites on his bottom gums. He is such a honey. Just what we needed for our fourth kiddo. Jesus knows us, this I love...


Soon Eight

Gap just called. I have always thought that Malakai could be a children's model...for something. Every year I wonder, "Can he get any more handsome?" He is growing into a fine young man. Gentle. Kind. Compassionate. The fruits of the Spirit just ooze from him. He's a gem.

Almost Five

This year instead of waiting until their December birthdays when it's freezing and gloomy outside, I decided to do the boys' yearly portraits in the fall. So fun to have leaves and green grass present. Isaac Ray is looking more like his Daddy as time goes on. Mischief always finds him. Can't you see it all over his innocent face? This was the first time I didn't have to work so hard to get him to pose and smile. Maybe he's growing up. Maybe...

Throw Off Everything That Hinders...

It was my birthday. Hadassah chucked her rake and ran to the top of the hill. All three kids took off in a dead sprint and jumped into the huge pile of leaves accumulating in our front yard. This is what Hebrews is talking about. Throw off everything that hinders. Run the race marked out for us. I love watching simple joy erupt in the hearts of my children. I want to be like them when I grow up...



Noah Sits

He pulled out a new trick last night. Sitting on his own! Malakai thought it was so fun to sit him up, run away and watch him totter back and forth and then fall over. Noah was giggling the whole time too. Of course. Mr. Smiles. This boy gives out so much sunshine and I am so thankful!


Mayo Family

Time changes things. The last time I saw this couple, I was photographing their engagement. Now, several years later, they are parents to little Josi! What a sweet little family.

My Favorite Things

How do you choose a favorite image when...well...they just ALL are! Kent Mast did a fantastic job of capturing our family this year. I can't wait to get updated photos on our walls with Noah in them! Happy November!