Knee Deep in the Water Somewhere

We went to the beach for the day yesterday with the Martin family and enjoyed beautiful weather together. Noah took his first trip to the shore and loved every minute of it...well, maybe except for the car ride home. It was fun to see the cousins excavating and boogie boarding with each other. We were thankful for all the extra hands and eyes to take care of our kiddos. Not ready to do that by ourselves just yet!


Mighty Machines

Yesterday our property was a full blown construction zone. Rollers, dump trucks, and paving machines were everywhere zooming and whirring around. I officially feel like a grown up because I now can say, "Remember the year we got our driveway paved?!" That's a story your parents always share ;) It also makes me think of the movie "Cars" where Lightning McQueen has to pave the road out of Radiator Springs. Can't rush this job! The crew showed up at 6am and finished around 3pm with no breaks. If you need some paving done, this company was wonderful to work with and we highly recommend them! We can't be on it for several days but the kids are already dreaming about riding their bikes and playing basketball when we get the new net up soon.


Buckwalter Family

In from two different states and different surrounding cities, we finally got this family all together! Two active little boys and lots of woods to explore after an inch and a half of rain made this session a fun one. Matt & Kate were my wedding clients almost 7 years ago. It's so great to see they are starting a family. Their 18-month old son, Brooks is on the move and so handsome, just like his cousin, Ezra.


Little Warrior

Today it finally stopped raining and Malakai got to try out his new bow. He hit the target several times and is so excited to go hunting with Eric. Just three months from now! No doubt, he will be ready!

Sink Baths

Noah loves taking baths in the sink these days...hope I can remember how tiny each of our babies were when they are teenagers!


Beans, Breakfast & Bows

The other day, our neighbor came by with a whole bucket of gorgeous green beans so my helpers and I got snapping the ends off and came up with 12 quarts of green beans for our freezer. We were so thankful!

This morning, the breakfast crew was up and at 'em. Scrambled eggs and toast made to order.

Then we were off on a rainy day adventure. Over the past several months, Malakai earned money by doing various chores. Today, he purchased his first hunting bow! All six of us went along. I was so proud of him as he gave his money to the cashier. His smile says it all...