Our Family...

It's wonderful to have friends that happen to be photographers so we can swap services. Sharing is fun even as grown-ups! Dave Witmer did a wonderful job capturing our family of six over the weekend. So thankful that these moments in time are documented forever in our memories.

Huacani Family

It was a gorgeous night to capture this neighborhood family. We covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Even the little pup, Iris was cooperating! I enjoyed seeing the five different personalities come to life during our session. I know it's never boring around their place!


Brendan: Senior

A true gentleman. Kind-hearted and animal loving. He raises chickens and sells their eggs. A farmer in the making. These portraits were captured on his family's property and the next door neighbor's farm, both special location with lots of memories from his boyhood. Meet Brendan...


Heisey Family

The cutest little addition to their family came about 6 months ago. He is perfect in every way and the kiddos think it's super fun to be the big brother and big sister. Lots of helping hands for Mommy! Thankful we could squeeze in this session on a beautiful sunny evening during a week full of raindrops.