Ethan: Newborn

He is the perfect little addition to this family. Even though he was over a week late, he came right on time and is getting a lot of snuggles and love from mommy and daddy and his grandparents too. I had the honor of photographing Travis and Jolyn's wedding a little over three years ago. Now they are a happy family of three! Meet the newest family member...


Byrne Family

They are the dearest, aren't they? We had a beautiful, very brisk fall day to capture this family and laughed a lot. We met each other because we both live on the coolest street in town ;)  They live a few houses down from us and we often see them when we are biking/jogging/strollering (is that a word?) past. They have a passion to serve others and willingly give of themselves even when it means a sacrifice on their part. I am thankful to call them not just neighbors, but friends.


Another Arrow

With joyful hearts we are adding another arrow to our quiver sometime the beginning of May!


Coloring Kids

Crayons seem to keep Hadassah occupied these days and every now and then Isaac joins in too. The other day I even saw all three kiddos huddled up together at that little table coloring away. These two..how I love them so and how they challenge me. This morning after our errand run, we came home and I decided it was a good day to share some hot chocolate. So together we sat around the kitchen table and had shameless whip cream and hot chocolate mustaches. With each sip I asked them to say one thing they were thankful for. My warm house, my family, my toys. My heart was happy. Gotta run...I just heard, "Mommy, somethin' broke!".....


Bursting Bubbles In The Fall

Sometimes it's the little things that make my heart say, "Yes, I love them and they are mine!" Today, it was, "Mommy...I want to do bubbles!" from Isaac who didn't need a coat (my thermometer said 71 degrees and it's the beginning of November) and came sprinting down the driveway at full throttle. He gave me two choices...bubbles or water balloons. I chose wisely. And for the next 15 minutes there was peace. No arguing, pushing, biting, competition, etc...so I did what a good mom would...I sprinted for my camera to capture these fleeting and seemingly rare (at least in this season) moments. Freezing them forever in my memory. Thank goodness for little people, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.