Big Shoes To Fill

Hadassah loves to put on my sneakers if I leave them laying where she can get to them. Every kid has to do this with their parents' shoes. Kind of puts life into a clearer perspective. It takes awhile to fill those big shoes. We all need a lot of time to grow up. I'm getting a better understanding of life long training for my children. I have 18 years or so before they leave the nest and I have so much I want to teach them. Eric and I are training for a 5k this weekend, so we've been going on family runs several times a week. Eric pushes the double jogger and Malakai rides his bike. It's become something we all look forward to and enjoy doing together. So, my sneakers have been logging quite a few more miles than normal recently. I am believing that all of the training and hard work will pay off and be worth it in the end. So it is with parenting...


North Carolina Girls

This past weekend, I did something I never did before. Stepped onto an airplane all by myself and sat with total strangers (making friendly connections and realizing the world is not as big as I think it is) and flew down to North Carolina to spend three whole days with my dear friend, Denise. No husbands. No children. No agenda. No plans. Doesn't that sound heavenly? Well, for two moms with young children, it sure did. So I said YES to an adventure and NO to to-do lists, nap schedules, changing diapers, alarm clocks, email, facebook...just unplugged. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted to. Shopping and being silly in the dressing rooms, talking late into the night, eating at Olive Garden at 10pm, praying with our waitress and leaving her a huge tip, hot tub, beach trip, massage, Starbucks, festival in historic downtown Wilmington, fudge, ice cream, continental breakfast, free gym pass...and just hitting the "refresh" button!

I'm so thankful that Eric agreed to take care of the kids for the weekend. He was the one really encouraging me to take this trip. He found out what my days REALLY look like all day, everyday being a mom. It's mostly rewarding, but there are parts that can be really frustrating and draining. He was ready for my return as were the troops. House was cleaned, dishes were washed, laundry was folded and put away. Fresh cut daffodils and a love note on my kitchen counter. Yes, I am blessed! So, I am now having "re-entry" and so far, so good. I might just have to make trips like these a habit...


Out Of The Gates

Warm weather is here and we all feel like calves being released from their stalls for the first time, kicking up our heels and having some fun. The winter is past and the sun and the rain are starting to bring life to the earth once again. This weekend we celebrated Easter a little early with Eric's family. The crazy cousins hunted and gathered eggs and romped around in the back yard. They really do enjoy being together and it's fun to know they are making memories that will last a lifetime.


Finally Spring

I have been wondering what it would feel like. Ya know, to have three sets of little feet running around our back yard together in the green grass. Today, I finally got a taste of what is to come. We were outside all morning. Riding bike, tricycles, scooter, playing soccer, tag, and starting to do some yard clean up from the winter. My heart was full as I watched my three blessings interacting together. Well, mostly....truth be told, there is plenty of sibling rivalry these days, but apparently, that is normal and this too shall pass. This is a taste of the outdoor life that we will soon be enjoying on a daily basis. I can get used to this, very quickly!


Sweets...18 Months

She is determined. Sassy. Cuddly when it's time to sleep. Loves to wrestle. Babbles up a storm. Wants to do everything by herself. Animal lover. Has a smile that melts us, even when she is in trouble. She's our little "Sweets" and we love her dearly. On Friday, she turned 18 months old. Saturday afternoon while her two big brothers were napping, Daddy and I had a little photo session with her. No snow in sight. But this morning, a fresh blanket of it lies on the ground. Hadassah Joy...you have captured my heart and it is an honor to be your mommy.