Missing Two At Once

Last night, we put Malakai to bed with his two front teeth. Barely. This morning, they were both gone. And he couldn't be more excited. Oh, the life of a seven year old boy...


Dancing With Daddy

We had just finished loading the dishwasher after dinner tonight and Eric grabbed Hadassah's hands and she started twirling in the kitchen. "You wanna dance with Daddy?" he asked. She tore out of the room and headed straight for the stereo. She wanted music. And her princess shoes. And a chair to stand on. She had it all figured out. I am fairly certain she hasn't seen this modeled in our home since the boys are always begging to wrestle with Daddy, not dance with Momma. I raced to grab my camera, the video camera, Eric's iPhone. It was a "suddenly" and I wasn't going to miss it. As they happily danced to some Shane and Shane worship music, I was overcome with emotion as was Eric. He whispered, "This is going to be shown at her wedding some day." Oh wow. Our little girl. Her wedding. It won't be like this for long. She has him wrapped around her little finger and I am perfectly okay with that. I hope she always remembers that Daddy loved her first...


International House of Prayer, Kansas City

Over the weekend, Eric and I visited IHOP in Kansas City. Our good friends, Marvin & Dori moved there with their family at the beginning of the year to do an internship. We enjoyed time in the prayer room, a rare four inch snow fall, chatting late into the night laughing and encouraging each other, and seeing lots of new places. We are thankful for the time away together.


7 Years Ago...

Eric & I got new titles...Daddy and Mommy. Happy Gotcha Day, Malakai Grant!


Hardy Family: BRRRRRR!

The thermometer said 1 degree when I began this family session. Not many of us can say we survived a family session with smiles and toddlers, let alone in this sub zero weather, but these three can! Little Rachelle was a trooper and Chet (the four-legged one) did amazing too. Here's to making new memories in the cold and snow!


Finally, It's Not Freezing!

After many days of bitterly cold weather, today's temperature stayed right around the freezing point allowing us to go out and enjoy some fun in the snow together. Sledding, shoveling, plowing. Thank heavens for fresh air in our lungs!


Princess in Training

A friend gave these to Hadassah this morning and she hasn't taken them off since they were handed to her. Never mind that they are too long and her chubby little feet don't reach anywhere near the top of the shoes. Feet rubbed raw from clopping around but she is in her glory. They remind me of my beloved jelly shoes I had as a little girl. Having a daughter is so much fun!