Holding Hazel

Over the weekend we had the opportunity to meet our newest niece in Philadelphia. Moses and Roanna welcomed her home almost five weeks ago. Our kids were all beyond excited to hold her and it was fun to connect with her parents again as well. She is #10 of the Martin cousins. Five boys and five girls ages 11 and under. Cousin chaos :) Praising the LORD for another healthy baby in the family.


State College or Bust...

We left our house before 6am to watch Clayton on the ice in State College. Our crew was beyond excited to cheer on their cousin and we were thankful to spend time together touring around Penn State a little. The kids always enjoy spending time at their farm. Lots of memories made this weekend...


On the Court...

Malakai has been enjoying a new sport this winter. For the last four weeks, he's had basketball practice at a local rec center. Today he had his first game. And wow, did he ever love it! We watched him get one break away after another and go sprinting down the court towards his team's basket. He is a fierce defender. I'm talking hands up in your face, quick feet and eyes on the ball to steal it away. He told us after the game that he really enjoys playing point guard and his team had a very successful first game of the season. A few shots from his game...


Celebrating With Friends & Family

We wrapped up another great Christmas celebration with my side of the family on Thursday evening into Friday. Paper was flying. Cousins played together happily inside and then went across the street to our house for an afternoon of street hockey. The cold and wind didn't seem to bother those boys in the least. It is so fun to see them building memories together as the traditions of years past are reminisced about. Hadassah made her first of many hot pads for Grandma this year. I remember as a little girl making countless hot pads for my Grandma. This tradition MUST be passed on to the next generation! Speaking of passing things on...my mom gave Hadassah her doll house that she received almost 60 years ago as a Christmas gift. As you can see, both girls are pretty happy about i!

And New Year's Eve has been a long standing (almost 10 years now) tradition of gathering with our dear friends, Marvin & Dori who now reside in Kansas City. Treats, games, story telling...another one for the books. 2017...my word is BE FEARLESS! Ready to dive in...



Isaac is Six

I remember Christmas Day well...six years ago I laid on my parents' couch all day feeling really uncomfortable as I waited for my first pregnancy to come to an end. My due date was January 3 but by then, my baby was already 8 days old! I came home that night and woke up at midnight feeling restless. I came downstairs and decided to edit some of the pictures I had captured that day of our family get together. By 4 am I called upstairs to Eric to ask him to "start timing". Things were progressing. So we spent the next few hours at home as the laboring process began and continued. Around lunchtime we decided it was time to head to Women and Babies. And by 7:55 that night, Isaac Ray took his first breath and we rejoiced in this Christmas miracle for our family. Today, there are six candles on his cake. He is our passionate lion heart. Tender animal lover. Hard worker. Lego builder. NEVER STOPS MOVING second born son and we know that the LORD will use him to advance God's Kingdom all over the earth. Happy birthday, Isaac!


Boys' First Sleepover

In honor of their birthdays, we gave the boys' the privilege of having their first sleepover with friends. Filled with pizza, cupcakes, cutting out paper snowflakes, making homemade soft pretzels, lots of wrestling, pj's and a movie, and a small amount of energy! Testosterone levels were at an all time high in our house! WHEW...mommy and daddy were exhausted but the boys truly enjoyed this special treat. We are so thankful for great friendships that our children are forming.

On The Fourth Day of Christmas...

...my true love gave me to me, four little Martin's by the tree! Count your many blessings name them one by one. Merry Christmas! May your coming days be filled with joy, hope, and love as we reflect on the One who came to bring us LIFE and LIFE ABUNDANTLY!