Bundy Bunch

Last time we did this was six years ago. Time changes things for sure! This family knows how to live a life of love and sacrifice. Their home is in Spain but for the next several weeks, it's here in the US of A. You can't be near them without laughing. There is so much joy coming off of them and I always leave feeling refreshed and like I was in the presence of good friends...even though we've only met a few times. We had a great (and probably too early) morning capturing their love for each other...



Thaddeus: 6 Months

He was a ham from the first minute the session started until the very end. The last time I saw him was when he was only a few days old to capture his newborn portraits. Now, six months later, we meet again. I hope to have the privilege of watching him grow up and capture many more milestones in his lifetime. And here he is...the cutest little 6 month old...


Sensenig Family

While we were out in California I had the opportunity to capture Jamie, Amanda, Carter and Jaxson and baby Chase in the womb. First on the beach and then at camp. This couple knows the true meaning of the word servanthood and they live it out every single day. Camp ministry is not for the faint of heart, this I know, especially when your kiddos are ages two and under and 16 months apart and the schedule calls for lots of late nights and early mornings. Amanda is a gracious wife and mother and I saw her rolling with the punches many times throughout the 9 days that we were together. Flexibility is key and she has been given that gift. And Jamie, well...he just knows how to love on people. Any time. Anywhere. Anyone. No exceptions. They have laid down their own lives for the sake of the gospel and I pray that they would be given back abundant life!