Josh & Katie: Barn Wedding

I have known Katie since she was a young girl. Her brother and his wife, Shelly are good friends of ours. So, it felt almost like a family wedding as we have photographed her sister's wedding a few years ago as well. Rain. Sun. Humidity. Repeat. This was how the whole day went. Although the images seem to show a perfect weather day, it was far from it. Our lenses kept fogging up going back and forth between air conditioning and 100% humidity. The ceremony was easily moved inside the barn and the day went on as planned. At the end of the day, my shoes were soaked from walking all over wet grass, etc, so I kicked off my shoes and joined my friends' children on the dance floor for the hokey pokey. Gotta get in on the fun sometimes too and not take myself so seriously ;)

Josh and Katie, we are excited for the life you are now beginning together as husband and wife. May you continue to fall more in love as the years pass and may the LORD guide you always as you trust Him for your future dreams. Enjoy a few highlights of your day...



It's hard to do much these days without breaking a sweat. Dog days of summer are here. Tonight, we enjoyed trying to catch some butterflies, bike riding, blowing bubbles, and holding our kittens. And my parents kept supplying us with produce. Tomatoes. Peaches. Blackberries. Plums. We are eating like kings, folks! Fresh from either our garden or mom and dad's. It's been a tasty month despite the intense heat and humidity. Next week at this time, we will put our second grader to bed who will then wake up in the morning, a third grader. His kid brother is starting Kindergarten the following afternoon. And baby sister is headed to preschool in a few weeks. Out with the old. In with the new. It's time for another transition. May we all be given the grace we need for the new season coming. I know I need an extra dose of it! But for now, here's to one more week of summer play. No schedules. No homework. No rushing. Ahhhhhhh....