Birthday Girl

The grandparents came over to celebrate Hadassah's birthday with a picnic outside followed by some cake and a few gifts. The beloved stroller and baby were the highlight of the evening and many miles have been clocked on this thing already just since last night. She's one happy little girl!


Baby Girl Is Two

She has stolen our hearts with her sweet and passionate personality. Although she has two older brothers, she loves to wear dresses. And loves animals. And insists on doing everything by herself. She has boldness like only a girl with her name would. My favorite thing to do with her is snuggle her before bed, hold her hand and sing and pray with her. My heart melts every single time. She is our precious star (that's what Hadassah means) and we are excited to celebrate her life today.


Matt & Jess: Maternity

In about three weeks, this dear family of three is going to be a family of four. Baby Brother will soon make his appearance and Big Sister is excited to meet him. I have photographed Matt & Jess many times throughout the last several years and it's always an honor to capture the next phase of life they find themselves in. First comes love, then comes marriage and on and on it goes. This babe is so blessed to have such incredible parents.



59 quarts of beautiful applesauce were cranked out yesterday. The kids always enjoy this day. Malakai told me he wanted to be absent from school. Oh buddy...unfortunately that's not a valid excuse to skip. Round one completed. Maybe we'll do the next round when he's home from school so he can help.