Acevedo Family

We had a wonderful reunion. It had been six years since I photographed their wedding and this past weekend I had the privilege of doing some family portraits for them. Romping around my aunt and uncle's farm, we enjoyed a warm summer evening together. They are full of joy and laughter!


Grandma Day

Strasburg Railroad. Oregon Dairy ice cream. Slip and slide. For real, this is every kid's dream day! We enjoyed every bit of it together. I'm not sure who looks more forward to this annual day...the grandchildren or their grandma?


Spartan Race 2016

Today I witnessed something I never have before. The Spartan Race proved to be an amazing sight to behold. Eric and three other friends set out on a grueling course straight up Blue Mountain in the Poconos. And it was a blazing hot and humid day. Drenching sweat poured off my body as a spectator.  250 people released every 15 minutes minutes for over five hours straight. 4.7 miles and 23 obstacles. More like road blocks. Log carry. Monkey bars. Ropes. Bucket of Rocks. Inverted Wall. And the list goes on. I watched in awe as men and women of all ages and sizes competed. Pushing their bodies beyond any realistic expectations. Me and the other wives got to ride up the ski lift while our men made their way up the mountain on foot.

I watched teary-eyed as one couple came running down the final stretch, hand in hand, leaping over the fire wall and crossed the finish line together. The next guy somersaulted over the finish line. Then Eric came down the mountain, hands stretched up towards the sky in victory and goosebumps came. It was 94 degrees. If I would've hung out at the finish line all day, there would've been a pool of tears all around me. The coach in me comes out and I absolutely LOVE watching people push themselves to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

I saw four men go in to the race together and come out...TOGETHER. And I was speechless. I have utmost respect for all of them. But without a doubt, Eric Ray is my favorite Spartan! With my God I can scale a wall...


Lewes Beach Trip

We all loaded in the van at 6 am and it was Lewes Beach or bust! Martin family, party of six! We drove the last hour in the pouring rain and decided to head to Rehoboth boardwalk for some Fractured Prune donuts and salt water taffy. A good way to wait out the rain. By noon we were back on the beach and the weather had cleared off for a perfect day of romping around on the beach together. The kids did amazing. Digging, boogie boarding, football, frisbee, etc. A day well spent. On the way home we decided to eat at a crab house about an hour from home. Picture four small children hitting crabs with hammers and digging in old bay, etc. What were we thinking? Noah sat on the table and joined in the mess. We got back in the car and immediately, they asked when we could do that again? Hah! In about five minutes, everyone passed out and we watched fireworks all the way home. Praise God that we laughed more than we cried and we all can't wait to do it again!