Alecia: Senior

She's got some major athletic ability, folks! And she's not short ;) Volleyball, basketball and track is where you'll find her on the athletic fields. Alecia also enjoys hiking, fishing, biking and running, and being involved in her church's youth group. She's got her eye on a few colleges already and is hoping to play a sport at whichever one she decides on. She's got one bright future ahead of her.


Alexis: Senior

She is the oldest of four. Her favorite color is orange. Being quite active, she enjoys playing volleyball, soccer, and basketball. And making crafts is her thing.  Alexis also plays the flute in her school's band. She plans on going to college for nursing. Her family and cousins are her favorite people to spend time with. Alexis told me that she thinks she's not very photogenic....riiiiiiiiight. See for yourself, but I'm pretty sure I proved her wrong here...


Maria: Senior

Meet my next door neighbor, Maria. She is a member of the track and volleyball teams at her high school as well as orchestra. She enjoys swimming in the summer and works at the local pool. Maria plans to attend college to study biology and possibly become a vet someday because she loves animals. Her dogs wanted to join the photo session.