3 Months Have Passed

The next big milestone in Isaac's life has happened...3 months of life well lived! Yesterday afternoon I had a little photo session with him (and of course his big brother wanted in on it too) to capture this stage of life. There was lots of smiling, cooing, spitting, and kicking. He is so full of joy and brings so much joy to everyone he comes in contact with. And why would that be surprising? His name does mean laughter. Here is our child of promise...


Cabin Time

It's always fun to get away and forget the normal responsibilities of life and just relax, eat soft pretzels, play games, laugh, read magazines, watch (farming) movies, and go hiking. The Martin family has made it a tradition to do this over the winter months and we all look forward to spending time doing the above activities together. Now there are four cousins to play together! Oh what fun...


David & Heather: Day After Session

You wouldn't believe it unless you heard it straight from their mouths. The story of these two finding each other is clearly a prophetic act of God. I'll do my best to sum it up for you who are reading this. It goes a little something like this...

Heather's Side:

About two years ago someone prayed that God would send Heather a husband after being single for 17 years. She decided to put out a fleece and asked God if He would reveal to her who this man was by having him ride a white horse. She whispered this request to only God. Fast forward...

They met last March and by April he was asking for her hand in marriage. Still she was unsure. On July 4th she again prayed for clarity to know for certain if David was the one for her. She remembered her request about the white horse but felt it was something that probably would never really happen. Would she really get her fairytale story?

Later that day a friend asked if she would like to go horseback riding. She wanted to but David doesn't like horses and almost didn't go at all. He agreed after some convincing. When they arrived at the horse barn they brought out a brown one for her. She didn't see David getting on his horse behind her. She turned around to find him sitting on the only white horse! She began screaming and he thought her horse bit her. She still said nothing. After the ride she told him the whole story and David asked her right there, "Now will you marry me?" She said yes, even with no ring on her finger.

David's Side:

Last February, God told David that he was going to meet someone in two weeks. So naturally David asked God, "Do I know her?" God answered, "You will be surprised." At the end of two weeks Heather came to David's house for a home group meeting. She did not know him. Just invited there by some mutual friends. At the time she was 39 years old. God had told David earlier that his wife would be in her 30's. The number 39 stuck out to David.

A few months before they met David received a word that he was like Superman. A few years ago Heather ordered Superman checks as a prophetic action that God would bring her, her Superman.

Are you convinced that they are to be together? Seriously, my jaw dropped when they began telling me how the puzzle pieces of their lives were mysteriously fitting together. They were married last November at the Harrisburg Capitol building and are living happily ever after! Heather asked if I would do a "Day After" session so they could have some special images of the two of them without feeling the pressure and rush that a wedding day schedule often brings. Of course, it's a wedding photographer's dream when a couple comes to me with this request and I was happy to capture their love as husband and wife.