There's No Place Like Home

Many of you have been asking for a little "tour" of our new home so I am finally able to satisfy your desire. I did the best I could to capture 1086 Stevens St., but really it would be much better if you just came to visit us in person! Here's what you might find if you ventured out towards Manheim, Pa...

Our office...new carpet...was vinyl and we painted the filing cabinet black. It was that 70's green color...you know what I'm talking about :)

1st floor bath...we tore off wallpaper, painted, put in a new countertop, sink, and toilet...quite the transformation.

My Client Meeting Room...this was my most anticipated room and I absolutely love how it turned out. This room got new carpet...it was vinyl. I had my first meeting on Tuesday night and it was so fun to have our own space to discuss and display my work.

Let there be music in the house again! These keys are going to be pounding. I used to play from age 8-15...then I decided sports were way cooler. Kind of wish I would've just done both. Now I have to relearn how to read music but the other day Malakai and I sat down and were playing together. He's a big fan!

New business cards :)

Family Room...also got new carpet...was vinyl and also new foyer area.

The Eating Room

Screened-in porch...ahhhh, so relaxing

Working wood cook stove...Eric wants to do a Thanksgiving turkey in there someday

1st floor laundry...finally!

The "Whatever" Room...Gideon's space/deep freezer/camping & hunting gear and the soon-to-be-hung gun rack

New and much improved garage...notice the deer antlers :)

Martin Gym...open 24/7

Basement Living Room

Full bath in finished basement

Master Bedroom

Malakai's Room

2nd floor bath with a fresh coat of paint, new toilet, and new flooring

Welcome to our home

Come on in!

Back of the house

Back yard view

The "Girls"

Mom & Dad's house, our house, and the barn

Gideon in all his glory

We Like To Move It, Move It...

Still without internet but am able to post some images for all of you who have been asking. The new internet promised date is April 2...we shall see. So here's a few pics: yellow toilets we removed, garage before we painted it, Malakai sitting on the new bathroom sink box, one of the moving trucks, and the piano being brought in. What a week of work it was!


The Simple Life

Well, we are officially country bumpkins now! Saturday's move went incredibly smooth. Nothing got severely damaged or lost in the shuffle. All of our boxes are unpacked and we are settling into our new home. I'm using my parents' computer since we won't have internet until Saturday sometime (so disappointing). So I won't be posting any pics but sit tight...you know they will be coming soon, as promised. Sunday morning we leave for Florida for a photography seminar for the week. We needed a vacation from the "moving scene". No, seriously, this trip has been planned since before Christmas and it honestly will be good timing...at least I think. Malakai will spend the week at Grandpa and Grandma's house...think he'll get spoiled much? We are excited for all of you to come and visit and to have my clients into the new meeting room.

Happy Monday!


In Between...

I think I could make the drive with my eyes closed...the path that leads back and forth between 1086 Stevens St and 22 E. Ross St. My parents and us have been working non stop for the past 4 days straight with lots of progress. Thanks, Marv & Dori and Dad Martin for helping to prime the garage last night. Our cars will sleep well in the new surroundings :) Yesterday, Mom and I got the kitchen organized and today is more cleaning and putting the final coat of paint on the bathrooms. I'm managing to take a few pictures here and there with our point and shoot, but my mind is busy with other agenda. Stay tuned...much more to come.

Happy Wednesday!


Mom, You Feelin' Betta?

It's been quite a week of sickness for me. I started getting a cold over the weekend and then by Monday morning I could barely swallow. So I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me with strep throat. YUCK! It seriously looked like I was growing cottage cheese on my tonsils. So I've been attached to a box of tissues and a bottle of Nyquil pretty much every day. I'm feeling a lot better today and can actually breathe through my nose for the first time since Saturday. Praise Jesus!

Malakai and I have been trying to get ourselves healthy and rested for the big move that begins next week. Sunday we are going to pray through the house and dedicate it to Jesus. And then Monday, the work begins! Saturday is MOVE IN day. Many of my clients will be coming to meet with me in our new home as well as our friends and family and I am so excited to post pictures of our projects that we are doing to improve it. We took a day trip to IKEA on Saturday as a family to get some new client meeting room furniture. We had so much fun just perusing and getting ideas. We were quite a site to behold coming home. A couch strapped to the roof rack, two big chairs and a coffee table, and of course little Malakai all in the back of the Highlander in Saturday Phili traffic. We were wanting to get home in time for a friend's birthday party but the clock was not on our side. Can you picture the mood inside our car:)

Well, it's almost Friday and the sun in shining bright today. Maybe that's why I picked out a yellow shirt for Malakai today. Anyway, he made me smile and I hope he makes all of you smile too. Tell someone that you love them today...

Malakai Grant, I love you!


Getting Cleaned Up

Malakai loves a good bath. Last night we made the tub extra full for him.


So Close

...yet so far away. That's how our moving date feels to me right now. Pretty much our entire house is packed up in boxes. It's hard to see the floor in the basement and office right now. Eric and I are getting kind of antsy to get out to 1086 Stevens St! We are officially moving on the 21st but the current tenants are moving out on the 15th so we have that whole week to do some projects that need done (tearing off wall paper, painting the garage, new bathroom sink, etc.) Malakai is teething and not enjoying getting his new molars in one little bit. He decided to share his cold with Mommy but we are both feeling better every day. Here's what most of our house looks like right now. I can't wait to show you all pictures of our new home in a few weeks!


Fetterhoff Family

On the move! That's what I have to say about Preston who is now 18 months old. The last time I did portraits of him he was 13 months old and just learning how to walk..and learn he did! He kept me moving yesterday afternoon at his house. I think his little blond curls are so irresistible! Ken and Tonya, it's always a pleasure hanging out with your wonderful family. Here's a few shots from our afternoon together.