Easter Weekend

The weekend started out with us photographing our first wedding of the season on Friday. After a 6 month break, it's time to get back at it. And it felt like I never skipped a beat! I forgot how much I love what I do as a photographer. I did miss the little munchkins but they were both tucked in bed when we got home, sound asleep which made my heart happy.

Saturday, we all went as a family to pick out some things for around our house (porch lights/outdoor ceiling fan) and to help Eric pick out a new hunting bow. Malakai was thrilled and there were no melt downs from either son. I may have been one of three women in the entire store but I was up for the challenge :) When we got home, the sun came out and we decided to do our mulching. It looks great and feels even better to have that all done and move on to the next thing...stacking those massive piles of wood at the barn.

This year we spent Easter sunday with my parents. It was a special day for us as we broke our Lent fast (almost 50 days) of no sweets. Those peanut butter eggs were worth the wait! After a lively egg hunt and a band-aid later, Malakai and Grandpa napped for almost 2 hours while Grandma, Eric and I decorated some eggs. Now it's a brand new week...lots to do and excited for the sun to appear more and more as spring continues to come forth.


Good Family...No Kiddin'

This week I met the cutest family with 8 kids. Want to know their names? Here they are:

Princess Leah
Hodge Podge
Moose Tracks

Guess you'd figure it out sooner or later. Two human kids and 6 goat kids. Adorable. Absolutely adorable. I am now convinced that goats might be the next animals grazing in our pasture some day. When I was a little girl, we had goats but I seriously forgot how cute they are little guys. By the way, this is the third Janelle Good I've photographed in the last 8 months. Only in Lancaster County, only in Lancaster County :) Meet the fam...