Playing with Grandpa & Grandma

Yesterday afternoon, we all went out to build a snowman and do some sledding. All of us on Stevens St. had a good time together!

White Stuff

This winter has brought us plenty of white stuff which means lots of sledding, snow man building, plowing, tractor rides, and big breakfasts made by Daddy and his assistant. Isaac was content to sit in his car seat all bundled up for the few minutes I was out taking pictures on Saturday. Next year, I'm sure he'll want to be more involved in the fun.


3 Years Running...

We've received this honor once again...


Pop Quiz

Here's a little quiz for those of you who wonder what I've been up to these last few weeks. Answers at the bottom.

1. When does Baby Isaac need fed?
a. Middle of the night
b. Early in the morning
c. Lunch time
d. Morning, noon, and night (aka...every 3-5 hours)

2. When does Malakai need Mommy's attention?
a. Always
b. Never
c. Sometimes
d. Especially when she's feeding baby brother

3. How many diapers are changed in a day?

a. 2
b. 4
c. 6
d. who's counting, Mommy lost track

4. Showers occur daily for Mommy?

a. True
b. False

5. What does Mommy do with Malakai when grocery shopping?
a. He walks beside her
b. He rides in the cart while groceries are piled on top of him
c. He stands on the back of the cart and giggles with glee
d. So far all above options have worked

6. In her spare time, Mommy enjoys:
a. Napping
b. Catching up with her "to do" list
c. Taking bubble baths
d. There isn't much of this right now

7. Mommy misses:

a. Long walks outside
b. Uninterrupted sleep
c. The one-to-one ratio of child/mother
d. All of the above

8. Recently, Daddy & Mommy go to bed:
a. At midnight
b. At 10pm
c. at 11pm
d. At 8pm when the boys are tucked in

9. Mommy is excited for Isaac's:

a. First smile
b. First time sleeping through the night
c. First outfit out of "newborn"
d. All of the above

10. Mommy feels __________ about this new season of life:
a. Tired
b. Blessed beyond words
c. Thankful
d. All of the above...to the max!

*Obviously, all of the answers are "d". It truly is an incredible time of life for me right now. I'm a young mother of two very handsome boys. I get a 3 month maternity leave (which happens naturally in my line of work) before I head back to photographing any weddings or portraits. And Eric is the greatest father and life partner I could ever ask for as we raise our family together.

I wouldn't trade a thing...even the times that I'm roused from my bed to feed my hungry babe, my heart is overflowing simply because I have a babe to feed. Last night a friend said to Eric and I, "When things didn't work out, you loved Him anyway. That is why you can help others who have gone through the same pain you have."

Just a simple statement that has stuck with me ever since it was uttered. Isn't that what life as a follower of Jesus requires? When things don't work out, will I love Him anyway? I hope my answer is reflected in my life song to Him.


Brotherly Love

I just can't help myself...I love my two boys. Something just warms my heart when I see them together. One dip of chocolate and one dip of vanilla all cuddled up together. And no...these are not posed. Malakai is just simply a lover.


Bed Buddies

Malakai loves hugging and snuggling with Isaac. This morning I woke him up and laid Isaac beside him. It was too cute to not run and get my camera. These two melt my heart.


Family of Four

We did it! Took our first family of four portraits. Not as easy as it looks. I think I understand why people hire me to do it for them now! Eric was running back and forth from the tripod, one boy was wailing, the other one not smiling, and mommy and daddy were running low on patience. But we got a few good ones and that's all that matters. Now it's forever documented in history :) And the first one of the snow plowers...this is one of Malakai's (and Eric's) favorite winter activities. Gideon was out helping too. I always thought I'd be a great "boy mom" and now I get to live that out!


Isaac-5 Days Old

I never had a chance to do my children's newborn portraits. Malakai was 10 weeks old when we adopted him which of course I took tons of pictures at that point but photographing a baby that is only a few days old is something totally different. Eric and I had fun with this and count it a great honor and privilege for sure. So here he is in all his handsome glory. Today we are enjoying the New Year as a family of four.