The Family That Bowls Together...

Tonight, in honor of Malakai's Gotcha Day yesterday, our family went bowling together for the first time in history. What a hoot! Some highlights included...rescuing a ball that never made it down the lane to the pins, a bowling ball to the head, a few pinched fingers, two poopy diapers back to back (whoah, Noah!) and numerous strikes and spares. We will most definitely be participating in this activity more in the years to come. Great family fun night!


Legacy Builders

It is with great joy that we can announce that our family has begun a brand new adventure. At the beginning of the year, Eric launched a construction company called Legacy Builders. The goodness of the LORD has brought us to this point and we are thankful for the road that lies before us...twists, turns, hills and valleys. He is always faithful and we will testify of this great truth.

Why Legacy Builders? Psalm 127: 1 "Unless the LORD builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. " Eric desires to leave a legacy for his children and children's children. A legacy is not built overnight. It is a life-long journey. Something that requires great strength and endurance. Similar to construction.

Legacy Builders is a residential remodeling and new home construction firm that exists to help clients create homes that are sustainable and will last for generations to come.  Eric enjoys helping homeowners to discover and uncover their dreams about their living spaces and turning them into a reality. These projects include kitchens, baths, additions and new homes.

If you are considering a project around your home, he would love to have a conversation with you. There is no one with more skills, both with construction experience and people. (I may be a little bias ;)


I'll Love You Forever

Daddy surprised Hadassah with a Valentine's Day flower and she was thrilled. Can you tell?! I got the kids a few books but the highlight was the lined paper journals. I had no idea that upon opening them, they would all want to color for the next hour straight. Free hand drawing. It was so fun. Even Eric got out his big paper and joined in on the fun. Simple ways to show love. The evening ended with a snowmobile ride from the neighbor for Malakai and Isaac. It was snowing and they had a blast tearing around our fields. Full hearts. Heavy eyelids. This is love.