Springtime Silliness

I was making dinner and found these two watching my kettles boil. Some day, they might not appreciate this picture as much as I do, but it shows their friendship. Two peas in a pod...most days. 

They have been enjoying tractor rides with Grandpa, helping to water our garden and other plants, and being outside every waking moment. There is no greater, simple joy than a little pool in the back yard to beat the heat. My kids have been having a blast and working on their tans, every day this week. My heart is full just watching them play together and hearing their laughter. Trying to soak in all these moments, that some day, I know I will greatly miss. These days are fleeting. Help me, LORD to remember that when I feel overwhelmed.

Oh, and we have an army crawler and her name is Hadassah!


Memorial Day Memories

Perfect. That's how I would describe our weekend. Although I did wake up in an empty bed on Monday morning. Eric went backpacking for 24 hours to have some time to be a woodsman, think, pray, and spend uninterrupted time with the LORD. Yes, I missed him, but knew he needed it and blessed him to go. He came home refreshed and encouraged.

We also spent time with friends, went hiking, indulged in some Sweet Frog frozen yogurt (don't believe the lie that it's healthier than ice cream) and played in our back yard. My parents and the kids and I visited my Grandma and mom and I did some yard saling. Neither of us really enjoy it, but free hot dogs and snow cones helped to keep us all happy. On the way home, with not much to show for, we decided to redeem the trip and stopped for some horse rides with the boys.

As I walked around our property yesterday morning with Gideon and my coffee (camera lens mug) in hand, I began to weep as I thought about the LORD's goodness to us. We live on a 14 acre farmette in the country, have three amazing kids, two businesses, and live across from my parents. Is this what we deserve? Not even close. I had to stop and lean on the fence that overlooked the sheep grazing on the morning dew covered grass, to catch my breath. My devotional that morning said, "Instead of thinking about your losses in life, think about all that you have been given." Hit me like a ton of bricks. Today, I choose to have a thankful heart!

Last night, we had supper over the campfire...mountain pies and smores, coming right up! Campfire food with little kids is kinda really messy, but it does bring with it a lot of laughs and memory making. Here is what ours looked like, if only sound could accompany it. These moments are fleeting and I'm deciding to embrace the chaos. A house full of little feet is what we prayed for. Jesus, thank you for giving us more than we deserve!


Playdoh Saves The Day

Whoever invented this stuff clearly had young children at home when it was cold and rainy. Genius! Sweating this whole week and now today, we have our sweatpants and sweatshirts back on. Gotta love the spring weather around here. Looking forward to a relaxed weekend of hiking and campfires. Happy Memorial Day!