Ryan & Kim: Engaged

Wednesday afternoon I met these guys at Rockford Plantation for some engagement portraits. We had a blast milling around the grounds, trying to keep Rocky the overly friendly cat out of our pictures, wading through tall wet grass, and trying not to get poison ivy. You never know what you'll get in for when you hire me :) Ryan and Kim, I am so excited to be shooting your wedding this fall. Enjoy these last few months of being each other's fiance. A few favs...


Tim & Melissa-Newlyweds!

Every year we can pretty much count on it...a double header wedding weekend over Memorial Day. This year was no exception with Tim and Melissa starting out our awesome wedding celebrations. These two are so adorable together. Tim's whole face lights up when Melissa walks into his view and she loves to reach up to meet his hugs and kisses. We started off by taking some bridal party portraits at a nearby farm. Melissa had cleared it with the owner but about 3/4 of the way through, he came out with his two barky dogs and informed us we needed to leave...NOW! You just never know what mood you'll find people in, even on someone's wedding day. So off we went, to a nearby mill and then to the church where the ceremony would soon begin. Afterwards, more mill pics and of course, some portraits of the newlyweds with Tim's bright yellow mustang. They exited with some sparklers and were off before sunset to Mexico for a wonderful honeymoon. Here's a little preview of their day.