Jansen Isaiah: Newborn

It's great to be able to follow my clients into different seasons of their lives. Two and a half years ago, I photographed Justin & Jenna's wedding and now I had the honor of photographing their brand new son, Jansen. Life keeps moving us all along on a specific journey and our families are constantly growing and changing. This is what makes it so beautiful. He was born on May 16th at 2:15am weighing in at a small 9 lbs, 1 oz. :) Jenna, you are amazing! He is just precious and you two are settling into parenthood quite easily. Enjoy these first days/weeks with him. Before you know it, you'll be potty training...that's the season of life I find myself in these days.

Slam Dunk

Finally, I got my camera out for something other than a photo session or wedding. I feel like I haven't taken pictures of our family since Easter. Only a photographer would understand how that happens. Always taking pictures of everyone else but the MOST IMPORTANT people in my life. Last night while Eric was grilling dinner, Malakai was practicing his slam dunk move on the basketball net. You can see how he palms the ball very easily. Clearly he has acquired this skill from his mom and dad :) Our little baby is growing up. He's almost two and a half, is potty trained except for naps and bedtime, talking a mile a minute and asking the age old question of life, "WHY?" We are enjoying him so much and excited for a fun summer of outdoor activities together in between all of the 16 more weddings we have booked for the rest of the year. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, whatever the plans may be. We have a fun wedding coming up tomorrow (Saturday) and then will spend time with both of our families. Here's to a day off!


Todd & Rose: Vintage Wedding

I love when a couple chooses to focus on lots of small details for their wedding day. Rose was one of those brides. She wanted a vintage wedding and so she made every effort to bring out little details that were important to her on her wedding day. The bridesmaids wore handmade pins on their dresses, Rose had a sweet wedding gown and bird cage veil, her dad's old Ford truck made an appearance, and the reception was at the Cork Factory Hotel...can't get much more vintage than that with all the exposed brickwork inside. Rose's oldest sister, Anita was a great friend of mine in high school. We played field hockey together and I remember Rose when she was a young girl. She was so beautifully elegant on her wedding day. Just one glance and her groom was undone.

You should've seen Todd when she walked down that aisle towards him. For those of you who think that seeing each other before the wedding makes the walk down the aisle less emotional, Todd just blew that theory out of the water. They opted to see each other beforehand to ensure that we had enough time for pictures and we weren't rushed between the ceremony and reception. As soon as he saw her in the back of the church, he just lost it. And so did a lot of the guests and maybe a photographer :) He was so overwhelmed with the reality of it all sinking in, "She's going to be my wife in a few moments. I am the most blessed man alive. And I'm not holding back my emotion today." This, for me is the best part of the whole day, watching the bridegroom waiting for his bride. What an incredible picture of Jesus waiting for us to come to Him. Oh, my eyes spill over with tears as I write. This is how He loves us and longs for us.

Todd & Rose, your love for each other is absolutely beautiful. I pray that as the years go by, it will only grow stronger and richer and deeper. Todd, she'll always be your bride and I hope you never forget that feeling of watching her come to meet you on your wedding day. Many waters cannot quench that kind of love. Blessings on your future life adventures together. I can only imagine...