Henry Family

I've been documenting this family for years. Weddings, family portraits, etc. They hold a special place in my heart and it is so fun to see them adding more members to the family. Below are a few of my favorite images from our evening together over the weekend.


Tony & Sara: Engaged

I knew Sara as a little girl. Those big brown eyes haven't changed. Sweet as ever. She has grown into a beautiful young woman who is in love with her soon-to-be husband. During their session with me, they ventured through creeks, mud, tall grasses, endured kisses from a wet dog, and stood in the middle of the road. Just because I asked them to and they trusted me.  Just giving them some good practice for what marriage can sometimes be like ;) Tony and Sara are truly each other's greatest gifts and it was so fun to see their personalities come out as we got to know each other a little more. I am looking forward to capturing their wedding in October. Young love is the sweetest...


The Family That Camps Together...

We set out for the first time on an adventure into the unknown. With bikes on the bike rack. Food in the cooler and the pop up towing behind us. Knobels or bust. What a gorgeous day on Friday to spend the day exploring the park. It was perfect for our tribe. This year marks 90 years of fun and games. A truly great place to laugh together and enjoy time as a family.

Camping in the pop up. Lots of memories made and stories to tell. Like...

- Hadassah locking herself in the porti-potty upon arrival
- The bathhouse was more like a tin shanty with a shower head
- Roasting s'mores in the dark with our kiddos
- Cooking supper over a cookstove/skillet
- Watching the kids ride bike all over the place
- Noah taking hours to fall asleep in the pop up
- Playing games together

We wondered if we were going to go crazy at certain points, but Eric says if we keep practicing we'll get better at it. When your kids are 1, 3, 5, and 8 there's bound to be some chaos. But I told them, the memories we made together this weekend, they will have with them for the rest of their lives. They will talk about it at family get togethers, like I do with my older brother.

"Remember when we went camping in our pop up for the first time and went to Knobels Park? Wasn't that a blast?!"...