Siblings Make The Best Friends

Eric said, "Go look at the littles!" He was at the kitchen table doing some lego construction with Malakai. I turned the corner and saw this...homemade imagination at its finest, folks. I tip toed back down the hall, grabbed my camera and started snapping. These are the moments that take my breath away. Thank you, LORD for joy in the small stuff. My cup runneth over.


Snow Days = Donut Days

Eric's family had a tradition growing up that whenever there was a snow day, they made donuts with some other neighbors. This is the second year we have picked up the tradition and all 17 of us help out to get the job done. Some roll out the dough, some cut out the donuts, some fill them, some fry them, some glaze them, some decorate, some eat them, some entertain the littles, some take pictures, some just watch...it doesn't really matter, every role is important and fun.  We came home with some delicious treats and lots of memories.

Family Movie Night

...with our "four" kids. I love Hadassah's clasped hands and Gideon's crossed feet. So much anticipation! Gid got bored rather quickly with Veggie Tales ;) These moments...ones I hope I never forget as time passes.


Thaddeus: 4 Days Old

Thaddeaus: The courageous
Richard: Powerful ruler

I'd say he's got a strong name! I had the opportunity to photograph this precious little one over the weekend. He was 7 lbs. 12 oz. and one week early to beat the snow storm. I captured his mommy and daddy's wedding a few years ago so it was a true honor to get to meet this miracle. I love documenting people's lives...engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn, family, etc. He loved being photographed and hardly made a peep. Meet the newest kid on the block...so handsome!