Erb Family

It only took six tries. That's right...the sixth time's the charm! In my ten years of being a photographer, I never had to reschedule anyone's session more than once....until this dear family. Four tries last year and two this year. We snuck it in Sunday evening, on a gorgeous spring evening, two weeks before my due date. A big cheer of victory was released upon completion and we all breathed a sigh of relief knowing we had finally accomplished what we set out to do for each other. I have known these people since I was born. We grew up going to church and high school together, doing youth group, swimming in their family pool, even showing sheep together in 4-H. Oh the memories! What a beautiful bunch of individuals...


38 Weeks in the Womb

Yesterday, Eric finally got to do some maternity portraits of me with two weeks left to go until my due date. It was a beautiful spring day. I thought to myself, "Well, I guess we won't have any images of Eric and I together with my baby bump." Then I decided to ask Malakai if he could take a few shots of us. He very willingly accepted the offer. Well, my jaw dropped when I looked at the back of the camera at what he was able to capture. Our 7-year old son is a natural behind the camera. He literally stood in front of us, aimed, fired, and composed these images like a pro. I didn't really do much editing to them at all. It's happening...our kids are growing up and teaching them how to do the things that Eric and I do as professionals really is so much fun. I hugged and squeezed him and told him that he can be my assistant any time. I had a family session last night and he already asked if he could come along.  It's a new season, folks...and any day, another Martin will be celebrating their birthday!

Opening Season Campfire

We sugared up the gang on Saturday night with our first campfire of the year. Felt so good to watch the kids play in the back yard, make some smores, and have the smell of woodsmoke on our clothes. Looking forward to many more nights like this one.


A Song & Dance

End of the year preschool program complete with giggles, lifting up his shirt and lots of silly songs. Isaac was so excited to perform today! Love my little four year old...he really is growing up.


Hunting & Gathering

The annual Martin cousins Easter egg hunt was last night. Couldn't get more perfect weather wise. Seven littles sprinted around Grandma and Grandpa's yard scooping up brightly colored treasures. You can't help but be happier and laugh just watching them squeal with delight when they spy one. This tradition is so fun to watch every year.