Sweet Little Helpers

This year we had four sets of hands ready to "help" with Christmas cookies. So thankful for my dear momma who helps to keep me calm in the midst of sugary chaos. They did great in all seriousness and we now have dessert for the month of December :)



We Found One!

Same place. Same time of year. We are faithful to this small family owned tree farm. This year, there was a different hand on the saw! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...


Just The 19 Of Us...

It was a beautiful fall day when we arrived for our family weekend get away. Games, food, bag skits, laughter. Saturday we were outside most of the day and didn't even need coats. Football, hot dogs, soccer, sling shots, hiking, family pictures, watching the fenced in deer. It was glorious. By mid afternoon, the wind picked up, the sky got dark and the rain started coming down. Then the snow. Then the thermometer dropped about 20 degrees.  Crazy! We came home and started our wood stove. I guess it is officially winter. Here are a few images from our weekend.


Noah: 18 Months Old

Little lovey is a year and a half old today. Noah is such a joy. He's got quite a vocabulary these days too...Mommy, Daddy, Thank You, Please, No...and he's got all of his siblings' names down too. Always on the move and ready for a snuggle, he is spoiled by all of us and we wouldn't trade a minute with him for anything, except maybe the moments when he screams when he doesn't know the words to say. Happy 18 months, baby boy!


Tony & Sara: Wedding

These two. I mean...they are as genuine as they come. Real. Raw. Unfiltered. Hearts on their sleeves! Spicy people give so many great emotions to photograph and this wedding was just gorgeous! From the 80 degree October weather to the beautiful couple getting married. Their love for each other is fierce.  They love Jesus. True forerunners for their generation. Eric and I captured so many amazing photos but these are just a few highlights...