Pond Shenanigans

The whole gang got together today for some pond shenanigans and family time. Lots of laughter was shared...


Click, Clack, Moo

School was cancelled for Malakai today so we decided to head to the PA Farmshow. We had a great day watching some livestock shows, petting massive horses, seeing old friends, eating farmshow treats, and walking around seeing all the sights. No strollers and no diapers. What a great stage of life!


Skating On The Pond

There is nothing more fun in the winter than a little ice skating on the pond. Malakai put on some blades for the first time today and did wonderful! He might be a little sore from falling but that didn't stop him. Sled, hockey, fetch with Uncle Darrel's dog and we're good to go, until we all get soaked and tired. I hear there is more snow/ice on the way tonight, so we're thankful we could do some skating before all of that hits.


Keith & Amy: Winter Wedding

Every flood of stress is an invitation to get into the ark of our Savior. Every trouble is a flood, and we can either rise up or sink down. And getting our days all into the ark of Christ always lets us still rise.

-Ann Voskamp

There are things in life that no one plans. Death. Broken marriage vows. It seems as if there is total devastation when these happen to people. Then there's God. The redeemer of all things. The miracle worker. If you don't believe in the supernatural, then you might as well sit down for an hour or an entire day and talk with Keith and Amy. They will convince you otherwise. Both of them thought that their hearts would never be full of love again. That the brokenness they experienced in their lives would be a sharp edge forever. But God.

I have photographed over 100 weddings in my career, but this one was like nothing I've ever experienced. I worked hard to keep my emotions from spilling out of my eyes. As I moved around to the back of the church during the ceremony, I took one look at my dear husband holding his camera and decided I didn't need to try so hard to keep it all in. His face was sopping wet with tears. The good kind.

You see, when you know people from the beginning, know some of the depth of their pain, and then you see the LORD redeem it all on a wedding day, there really is no greater honor than to be the photographers capturing it all. Five children who lost their daddy way too early. Those same five, ready to call their momma's groom, "Daddy". A man ready to take that title and become a father of five world-changers. A handsome groom bursting with love for his radiant bride. A woman willing to let another man in to lead her life, risking it all for love.

My heart bursts with gratitude to my God who is the only one who could ever orchestrate such a matching of two people from two different parts of the state. Only the real Match Maker could do this. Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding. I know there was another miracle performed at Keith and Amy's. And that was just day one of their marriage. Two people united = a family of seven. Take a look into this day of rejoicing!