First Family Vacation

This past week we were vacationing in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware at our friends' beach house. It's the third year we've gone to this place and we have grown to love it. The location is perfect...right on the bay. We can go canoeing, crabbing, biking, or to the pool. There is even a grill and a hot tub on the deck. Can it get any more relaxing? Malakai did really well for all the new things he was experiencing. We bought a beach umbrella so he could sleep in the shade and he liked that. We put his feet in the ocean but it was really cold and the waves seemed gigantic to him so he cried. But he loved the pool...splashed and kicked and laughed. That was more his style. We went out to eat for seafood (our all-time favorite) and brought along our own meat for grilling at the house.

When Malakai went to bed each night we would go out on the deck and sit on the swing just talking for hours about our life...where we are headed, where we've come from, future goals, and all the things that we are so thankful for. The LORD has blessed us with so many good things over the past 5 years of our marriage. Last year on vacation is when we felt the LORD tell us to move ahead with pursuing adoption. Now a year later, we had our 6-month old son on vacation with us! The relaxed pace of a few days away from our daily routine helps us get perspective on our lives again. Our spirits are refreshed, our love for each other is renewed, and we have energy to do the things that have been placed in front of us to do (parenting, jobs, etc.) Here is a small window into what our family vacation looked like...


On Vacation...

Just so you all know...I haven't stopped blogging, we just got back from our first family vacation. There will be lots of pictures to post and weddings to catch you up with too. Stay tuned...


Katilyn - 6.20.08

Friday evening Katilyn and I went downtown Lancaster for her senior portraits. We found a little courtyard, an old iron bridge, and finally ended up at F&M College. Katilyn's mom is my cousin so we interact a lot and she was very comfortable with me which made for a fun evening together. She is the oldest of nine children...soon ten. Not many people can claim that statement! Katilyn was home schooled and just found out a few weeks ago that she had enough credits to graduate this year instead of next. So she is actually finished with school but didn't have her senior pictures yet. Katilyn, I am so proud of you, not just for finishing high school, but for the example you set for your siblings and peers. You are a beautiful young woman and your love for the LORD is evident. As you look to your future may you claim this truth over your life:

Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way, walk in it". Isaiah 30:21


Bill & Erin - 6.14.08

There's really no better way to celebrate the love you have with your spouse than to shoot a wedding on your anniversary. Last Saturday, Eric and I celebrated our 5th anniversary along with Bill & Erin and what a fun day it was. When we arrived, Erin was running around and all excited. The bridesmaids kept chasing her into the "prep room" so she wouldn't accidentally see her groom before the wedding. The ceremony was held in a local church, followed by a reception at The Old Country Barn. Bill & Erin were going to take a carriage ride over to the barn, but the coming thunderstorm canceled that idea. The grounds were beautiful and rustic...incredible spots for portraits. Eric and I were excited and moving fast because the storm was following us. It rained for about 2 minutes but we were all prepared with four big umbrellas. For their first dance, they did a line dance which was probably the most original "first dance" I've ever seen. There was no shortage of dancing, that's for sure. Bill and Erin, your wedding day will forever be etched in our memory when we think back on how we celebrated our 5-year anniversary. Thanks for the pleasure of making memories for you and with you. May your marriage be filled with much dancing, joy, and especially love.