Landis Family

I enjoyed a fun evening session with these folks this week. It was four years ago that I last did family pictures for them. The boys have grown into men and the ladies are more beautiful than ever. And everyone is still hilarious! It's refreshing to see families that are close knit and truly love each other. Not just a family, but good friends as well. That's what I desire for our growing family as the years go by. Meet the Landis'...


Lake Tobias

Who wouldn't love a bumpy safari tour in a cut off bus? I remember as a kid going with my whole extended family and all of us cousins laughing and enjoying the animals. So yesterday, we went and made some memories with our dear friends, Marvin & Dori and their son, Brennan. Him and Isaac loved seeing the animals up close and would scream with joy when they came over to the bus. Malakai loved it too, especially the deer and elk. We prayed that the rain would stay away and it did. The weather was cooler and overcast while we were on the bus and then the sun came out for the rest of the day as we enjoyed a picnic lunch and walked around to see more animals and eat some ice cream. I'm so thankful we can do activities like this with our boys. I love watching them experience new things and laughing together as a family. Makes my heart full.


Isaac-18 Months

10 minutes...that's all he gave us and we took it! Eric was a great assistant...jumping, making funny faces and noises and being a silly Daddy so that Isaac would give us his best smiles. Our baby boy is now 18 months old and starting to really understand our simple directions and sound out some words. And in a few months, he's going to be a big brother. There is a slight resemblance to Eric if you look closely ;)

Green Beans

Mom and I froze 18 quart of green beans last week. That's round one. Round two will probably be next week sometime. Malakai is at the age where he loves to help out and he is strong enough to do some hard work. Let the summer harvest begin!


Joe & Andrea: Two Become One

She looked like a fairytale princess as she walked down into the wooded grove of trees to meet her groom for the first time that day. Andrea couldn't hold back the tears and Joe couldn't hold back how much he adored her. They embraced and held each other for a long time. It was true romance. The day was perfect and we enjoyed doing portraits before the ceremony and even a few afterwards. There was much to celebrate as after five years, these two individuals were now finally one flesh. A few favorite images from their wedding day...