Putt Family

In between all the thunderstorms we've been having around here lately, there was a beautiful evening with no humidity and no raindrops for me to photograph this dear family. The two girls, Lexi and Malina are at such fun ages because they both love to pose for the camera. Lexi is the more quiet, artistic older sister and Malina is the spunky, expressive younger one. Nate & Tina are totally in love and always have great big smiles that light up their faces. And who wouldn't be smiling when your session ends with a treat from the Prince Street Cafe? Sounds like a perfect way to end the night to me!


Family Fun Weekend

Our annual Kopp family Raystown Lake weekend was a rainy one this year. It was a little disappointing but we still had a lot of fun. Lots of eating, card playing and even a few boat rides. We also got to join in the birthday celebration for our nephew, Clayton who turned 6 last week. The cousins love playing together which includes lots of farming and tractor riding. It was a fun, full weekend and we are thankful we could make lots of memories with our families.

Boys & Wheels

It doesn't take any convincing to get the boys to ride any kind of tractor...especially if Daddy is already on the seat. Last week, Eric decided that the very sick fire bushes (that we tried numerous times to save) had to come out. The seat was full and the job went well. We even got to examine a praying mantis up close.