Pickin' Peaches...

...is a big deal around here. Our family loves to help with this task. Well, as much "help" as little hands can be. Having an orchard is not for the faint of heart. Pruning, spraying, picking, sorting, boxing, storing, etc. My dad fully enjoys the fruit of his labor...literally. If you want some delicious peaches, Dad has the best in town. He has a road side "peach wagon" that sits at the top of our driveway around this time of year where you can purchase boxes of peaches. The neighborhood loves it! The kids on Malakai's bus yell to me every day, "Can we PLEEEEEASE have a free peach!" Here's some scenes from last's night harvesting...


My Little Peach Ring

My mom and I canned peaches yesterday and Hadassah was entertaining herself with the jar rings. I have pictures of the boys doing this same thing last year. Cheap toys and jewelry ;)

Spreading His Wings

Yesterday, Malakai began a whole new season of life... afternoon Kindergarten. He could not have been more excited to get going. New backpack, new shoes, a few new pieces of clothing and he was ready. But was I? I dropped him off and thought, "This is no big deal. He did preschool for the past two years and I'm not the "crying mom" type." WRONG! I gave him a hug and a kiss goodbye and turned to walk back to my car and waves of the reality came crashing over me. I was surprised at what I felt. He would be riding home on a big yellow bus for the first time. Does he know who he is and what decisions to make when peer pressure hits? Is he ready? And the LORD spoke to my heart. Yes, Regina...he is ready for this next step and so are you, momma. 'Tis healthy for all of you. More focused time with my dear little 11 month old daughter and 2 1/2 year old son. More quiet time for myself and more individual time with Malakai when he returns from his day at school to unwind and recall the events of the day. So ready or not, here we go....on the learning curve together.


Rob & Whitney: Engaged

Rob & Whitney met at work. It all started with just sharing conversations at lunch time and eventually blossomed into a friendship and then dating relationship from there. They like to go out to eat, traveling, recreational outdoor activities and spending time with loved ones. After the happy couple ties the knot, they are looking forward to living in their new home together as well as traveling to many places that they have never seen before. It was fun to see their quiet spirits both come to life as we had a little adventure capturing their engagement portraits. I am looking forward to photographing their wedding in November.