On Display

Life Center (our church up in Harrisburg) asked if I would display 9 of my favorite images in the lobby. It was so hard to choose but I did my best to pick some favorites and a variety of different sessions. Yes, I have wonderful and photogenic clients...check them out. I am honored and humbled to work with such great people.


Splish Splash

Today was opening day of pool season at our house. And yes, he's in his birthday suit. Why bother putting anything on when we don't have any neighbors close enough to tell the difference and it's makes it much easier for the every 15 minute peeing too. Malakai was entertaining himself for quite awhile in the little yellow pond while I was busy making strawberry pie. Yes, I decided to make a homemade crust. I won't go into detail, but honestly, I think I'll just buy the next crust :) The water gun is is new favorite toy and I would have to agree. He's in the midst of a 6 week swim lesson course. So we're hoping he gets more comfortable in the water when it requires more than just splashing around. First one was awful. Second one went much better. Here's hoping for continued success.


Best Buds

My two dear boys are becoming good friends...for real. Malakai can make Isaac laugh like no one else can. Big belly laughs. Repeatedly. On command. My heart overflows with joy as I watch from a distance. Every parent wants their kiddos to be best buds. It's happening and not because I'm making it happen. They just love to be together. Of course, Isaac is still not mobile and can't mess up anything that Malakai has created either. I'm enjoying this cute stage so no need to let any thoughts on what the future brotherly quarrels may look like ruin this moment, right? Happy sunshine-filled Wednesday.


Jeremy & Sydney: Tears of Joy

Their love is strong and beautiful and when you hear their story, you can't help but cry a few tears and think, "Wow...God is so amazing!" These two have a wonderful love story that is only now just beginning. Yes, it's been raining like crazy this spring, but it didn't even sprinkle on their wedding day. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony! There was lots of tears and emotion which makes the photo opportunities so sweet. Jeremy & Sydney, many people are watching you and will be amazed at all the doors God opens for you as a couple. I'm excited to follow your journey and blessed I was able to capture the day that it all officially began as Mr. & Mrs.