Cool Evening

We enjoyed an evening at home last night. Playing football. Riding tricycles, scooters and bikes. Blowing bubbles, swinging and filling our love tanks. This cool weather is so refreshing!


Roxbury or Bust!

First we went backpacking. Then we went tenting at campgrounds.  Now we go to a cabin. And everyone takes a deep breath. Ahhhh. Enjoying the great outdoors with little children.  Marvin and Dori and their family have been enjoying this tradition with us for as long as Eric and I have been Mr. and Mrs. Martin. Every year, we look forward to a weekend away together. Laughing, hiking, crying, praying, eating, sleeping, etc. Memories of this retreat are sweet and richly cherished.  Below you'll see some of the ones we made this year...


Mark & Devon: Husband & Wife

I took a 365 day break...to the day, from photographing weddings. Devon & Mark were the first couple to book with me this year. I could not have asked for an easier re-entry. These two have become friends of mine and I have enjoyed getting to know them over the past few months. We laugh and joke and keep each other relaxed. No bridal party. 7pm wedding. In the AC during the heat wave. So thankful to have the honor of being there to capture these two on their first day as husband and wife. Enjoy the journey, kids...