Martin Family Vacation

For the last four days we have been off the grid, enjoying a little R&R with extended family. 10 adults and 10 children. On the beach, in the pool, riding surreys, mini golf, playing games and eating lots of good food (and quite a few sweet treats!) I so loved watching my kids overcome fear as they dove into the ocean, crashing and jumping through waves, boogie boarding, and just enjoying time with cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Vacationing with young children is not for the faint of heart, but the memories they will have of this trip is more than worth it. We can always get more sleep another day, right?! On the other end of vacation is mounds of laundry to fold, put away and organize. A yard that we could almost bale instead of just mow, a garden that needs watered, emails to respond to, etc. Thankful for a break from all the realities of life. And stories our kids will tell their own children some day...


Knoebels/Rickett's Glen

We had a great weekend vacation with our family. Knoebels followed by a cabin in the woods. A 3+ hour hike through Rickett's Glen and fishing on Rose Lake. Sunday we did a 6-mile bike ride on the Swatara Rail trail followed by a dip in the Martin family pond. Complete with Isaac's baptism! What a great weekend of memories made for a lifetime!


Chalk Roads

When the imagination is working...the possibilities are endless. This happened last night and they entertained themselves for several hours without fighting and fussing. Praise Jesus for homemade chalk roads to ride!


Beach Day Trip

There's something always exciting about a last minute beach trip with friends. It was a glorious day on the sand and playing in the water. Many memories had by all...