Let the Paper Fly

Our family had a quiet Christmas Day here at the ranch and it was nice to be able to catch our breath after going four days straight with late nights and scarce naps. And Malakai even got to throw a few snowballs at Mommy and Daddy which delighted him! Isaac turned two the day after Christmas, so the celebrating just continued. Thankful for the gift of laughter and simple joy in our family.


Christmas Eve

We enjoyed a great evening of fellowship with Eric's side of the family on Christmas Eve. Mom Martin made a wonderful dinner and we all brought a few items to add to it. The kids loved the church service and didn't even set anything on fire during the candle lighting ;) Once we got back to the house, everyone opened up gifts and ate some delicious crab cakes and enjoyed each other's company. I always look forward to this time together.


Family Fun Weekend

Opening Christmas gifts used to be done nice and slowly so each person could examine what the other one got and thank the person it was from before we went on to the next one. Well, now that there are four grandkids...the pace has picked up significantly. I wasn't even sure who all gave me what gifts and hoped I had given out all of ours. Paper was flying, boxes were being collapsed and scissors and knives were snipping and cutting things open. It was fun to see such joy on the kids' faces when they opened their gifts. We spent Friday night and all day Saturday at my parents' house and enjoyed spending time together once again. Eating, playing games, telling stories and loving on each other. I am so thankful for my family and the friendships we share with each other. Watching the cousins play together is heart warming. Hadassah was hauled all around by her 6 year old cousin, Clayton, not because I asked if he wanted to hold her, but because he didn't want to put her down...ever. He just couldn't get enough of her. It really was precious. More memories were made in my mind. Thankful that my camera was there to help freeze some of my favorite moments in time.