I love that we are finding our own family traditions around the holidays. For the past few years, Eric has been baking our turkey in the wood-fired cook stove that sits in the corner of our kitchen. And when the bird is done, he carves it with an electric knife. Ironic, right? Pioneer or modern-day chef? Hah! It really is the most amazing turkey I've ever eaten and we are thankful for this fun tradition.

The other one we all love is cutting down our beloved Christmas tree. Sure, there isn't a wagon/sleigh ride, hot cocoa or any other bells or whistles, but that's not really why we do it. We found a little tree farm that we've gone to for 8 years now and wouldn't change a thing. Our kiddos love it and the simplicity is nice. Last night, my heart was filled with thankfulness as all of us laid quietly under the tree all lit up. Well, Isaac wasn't really quiet, but close enough ;) I have fond memories of doing this with my big brother, Wendall growing up.

What will our children have memories of? We can choose that now. My mom just got me a little wooden sign that says, "Pardon the mess, my children are making memories." What a good, challenging word during this season of life. LORD, help me to embrace the chaos with a thankful heart. My deepest desire of being a momma has been fulfilled. I thought about this as I was cleaning windows yesterday that were smeared with hand/mouth prints. Thank you, Jesus for the dirt! These kids are priceless treasures!

Rob & Whitney: Wedding

There are some things that are always worth standing out in the freezing cold weather for. Fall wedding portraits are at the top of my list. We had a gorgeous day last Saturday as we captured Rob & Whitney's wedding day. These two didn't complain once as they braved the cold snap and kept each other warm as Eric and I clicked away. The day was filled with lots of laughter and emotion and it truly was an honor to be a part of the first day this couple became husband and wife. God has brought two people together to form one strong marriage. Here is a small glimpse of Rob and Whitney's wedding day...