The Wheels On The Bus

Yesterday we took a road trip to State College to visit family. We had a great time with Wendall, Emily and Clayton and are so thankful we were able to spend rare time together as families. The two+ hour trip went fantastic on the way up. The way home, not so much. More like a train wreck to be exact. We stopped in the pouring rain to separate the boys and put the littlest one (who was lacking a nap) in the back seat. Hadassah was wailing and Mommy was losing it quickly. Eric said I could drive and he sat in the back with the tribe to try to make things work. I was tired. Hungry. And wishing for wings to fly home instantly. I saw the sign up ahead...The Red Rabbit. I couldn't stand it. Pulled into the parking lot and the waitress came out to our car. We ordered our soft ice cream first and gobbled it up happily as we waited for our fries and pizza. Pretty sure the song, "Wheels on the Bus" was sang as well as some other Martin family classics. Ah yes, traveling with little people. Always a memorable adventure.


My First 5k

I checked something off my bucket list this morning. Yes indeed....I ran my first 5k race. Finished with a time of 31:06. The past several months of training paid off and it felt so good to accomplish my goal and run beside my dear friend, Livi. Her constant encouragement helped lead me to the finish line and I am so thankful to have made this memory with her. Too early to tell yet if this is a once in a lifetime thing or if there are more races in my future.


Evening in the Country

Last night was calm and breath taking from my view. Eric went for a run and I hung out with the tribe at the swing set and this is what I captured. Truly blessed beyond words...


Adley & Harper: Twins

I don't know how I've been so blessed but for the second time in 6 weeks, I had the opportunity to photograph twin girls. I met these two cuties last week and fell in love with their vibrant personalities. They keep mom and dad from getting bored, that's for sure. The sisters wanted to share a little about themselves:

We are Adley & Harper and if you have not figured it out, yes, we are sisters. We have been cooped up in the house all winter and now spring has sprung and so have we.  One of us likes to crawl and the other would rather scoot from place to place.  On any given day, you can find us in our jumper, headed to the park to play on the swings, or taking a nap. Some days we just like to have a professional photographer follow us around.  We keep our parents on their toes, but we think they like it that way.