Sweet Treats

Annual cookie baking with my mom was happening yesterday. My oven started heating up around 9am and didn't shut down until almost 5pm. Whew! Long day, but fun day. The kids all did great and we have some beautiful and tasty cookies in our freezer for the holidays now. I'm so thankful for this fun holiday tradition that I have shared with my mom ever since I can remember. What a gift!


Our Boys

The toe jam doctor was at it again. Last night, there was a serious case which called for a drill! Malakai was the project manager for the block tower building. Gotta love their creativity.


Our Girl

There is no shortage of love for our dear Hadassah. Between her two big brothers and Daddy, she is well taken care of! Yesterday I found all three kids under her play mat. This morning, I caught her laughing with Daddy.


Giving Thanks...

For the three little people in my every day life. My husband. The turkey in our wood-fired stove. My parents. My Grandma. Projects done around the house. Playing outside without a coat. My list is long, but these were at the top yesterday.


Little Cabin in the Woods

It's a family tradition to get away for a weekend either in the fall or spring with the Martin family. 14 total now with another little one coming in January. It was a little stressful at times with three little kiddos away from home, out of their routines but there were lots of helping hands to give us a break when we needed one. The highlight this year for me was playing "4 on the couch" until 11pm. At one point, I was so delirious, I started laughing, which turned into crying, and well...you get the picture. Always good to have plenty of laughter! I only got a few pictures as my hands seemed full of other good things ;)


Toe Jam

This morning while having a play date, totally unprompted, Isaac hopped up on the couch, whipped off his socks and started doing this...digging out toe jam, I'm assuming. Where did he get this idea, I wonder? I love this kid!


Another Year To Celebrate

Yesterday was my birthday. I am a huge birthday fan and love to celebrate with my family. It was a fun day and I felt very loved by everyone. So much to be thankful for looking back over the last year of my life. 10 years ago on my birthday, Eric asked me to marry him. Never knew what a decade of love could look like but man, I thought that birthday was sweet...they just keep getting better!