Cook Family

They kept me moving for the entire session...seriously! I could've used a sports camera to catch all of their constant motion and energy. Tyler and Sammy were adorable. Watching mom and dad run around after them gave me a sudden realization of what life may look like at this time next year when Eric and I have two kiddos. Not much down time. I snagged a few precious moments of alone time for Tom and Dana and I heard Tom say, "Well, this is unusual!" Of course the kids really wanted to be in those pictures and we worked hard to keep them busy for those couple of minutes. Parks are great for kids who love to explore and they had plenty to do and space to run in.


Jeremy & Sydney: Engaged

They first met their freshman year of high school. You could describe them as total opposites. Him, being the bad boy jock. Her, the quiet and innocent girl. They were friends despite the fact the he picked on her constantly. After high school their friendship continued. Jeremy would often call Sydney during his long drives on the truck. Almost four years had passed since high school when he invited her to his “going away party”. He was thinking about moving to Montana. They met up that night, January 8, 2010 and have been together ever since.

Six months later on the beaches of St. Thomas in front of her whole family, he asked her to marry him and she very excitedly said, "YES!" The two enjoy biking, hiking, and playing softball together. They value the simple things of life and hope to have their own farm eventually. Next May, the two will become one. Both are "first borns" and kids at heart so it makes sense that they have a honeymoon planned for Disney World! Meet the sweetest couple in love...