Nick & Cindy - 5.24.08

Last Saturday Eric and I traveled to Glenside (near Phili) for a wedding. It was an absolutely gorgeous day to get married. I met Nick and Cindy last August when I did her brother, Jason and his wife Jodi's wedding in Lancaster. The bride and groom have been dating for six years, which is amazing even through long distance during college years. Way to go guys...your endurance has given you the prize of each other! The day started at Glenside Bible Church for the ceremony. After a "bubble line" and some family pics, we headed to a nearby residence with beautiful grounds for some formal shots.

Then off we went to Williamson Restaurant for dinner, dancing, and lots of laughter. The best man did a Mad Lib for his toast which had everyone in stitches. And the "mystery empty favor boxes" at each place setting were a big conversation piece. Everyone thought maybe they forgot to fill them. Later, big bowls of candy appeared and there was an announcement made that you could go and fill your own box with whatever your sweet tooth desired. Talk about a mad dash! Luckily, Eric and I got ours filled before the crowd...the perks of being a photographer I guess! Nick & Cindy, you are a sweet couple and it was so fun to be involved in your wedding day. May you continue to fall more in love with your best friend...your life partner.


Tub Time

Malakai has always loved getting a bath, but it seems like recently he is enjoying it even more. He is very intrigued by Mr. Ducky...


Kelly's Run

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a backpacking/camping trip for us, but this year things are different with a dog and a 5 month old. So this morning we took our first family day hike and it was a ton of fun for all of us. We went to Kelly's Run which is a 5 mile trail close to Tucquan Glen. The trail runs beside a creek filled with rocks and beautiful water falls. Malakai enjoyed his ride in the Ergo and we even put him on our back instead of always having him on our chest. He loved both ways and was very content for the 3 1/2 hour hike. Gideon was of course in his glory with all of the water around him. He was so tired on the way home we didn't even see him in the back of our highlander until we stopped at Pine View Dairy for some ice cream...when we came out he was in the driver's seat, ready to go!


Doug & Michele - 5.17.08

On Saturday, I was up with the chickens and on location at 6:45am! The wedding began at 10 and all of the pictures were taken beforehand. I've never done such an early photo shoot, but it was rather enjoyable. The Hurst Mansion was our backdrop with beautiful landscaping complete with a pond and gazebo. Doug and Michele were a lot of fun and they felt comfortable with me because I had done their engagement pictures in the fall. My favorite part of the whole day was after the ceremony when the entire bridal party drove out of the church parking lot in massive tractors. The reception was held at Yoder's Restaurant and talk about good home cookin'! I was stuffed with ham balls and mashed potatoes. YUM! Doug & Michele, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day and I wish you all the best in the years to come.