My Assistant

Here he is, my awesome husband assisting me at Friday's wedding. And no, we usually don't just stand around on chairs for the whole reception but it is fun to get a different perspective from up there. I'm working on the wedding images so stay tuned...


Pool Fun

Our good friends, Ryan & Denise and their son, Hayden were up from NC for the weekend and stopped in last night for a visit. The weekend was so warm we decided to get out the pool for the little dudes. We had so much fun laughing with our boys. Hayden was going nuts in the water and Malakai was a little unsure at first but warmed up to the idea eventually. Here's a little window into our evening together.


Tim & Tiff: Engaged

These two have a strong sense of stability about them. Their love is evident in the way they interact with each other. And they are definitely tons of fun! We were in a school bus, a tree swing, bamboo, and jumping on the trampoline just to name a few highlights. Tim and his family are friends of Eric and mine and their farm property is absolutely gorgeous. Tim and Tiff, I am so excited to do your wedding photography in September and believe it will be a great day of celebrating your love for each other.


Lake Family: Laughs & Love

Sunday afternoon I had my first family shoot of the season and what a great one it was. Jer & Livi are good friends of Eric and I's and for Christmas, Livi gave her parents a gift certificate for a family session with me. She told me her mom cried when she opened it. (I'm assuming they were tears of joy and not dread:) They all live near Downingtown and decided on coming up to Lancaster for the afternoon. We met at County Park and that's where all the fun began.

I've honestly never laughed so hard during a family session. They were all so relaxed and laid back and it was fun to take pictures of my good friends in the process. More than anything, I continued to notice as I was shooting how tight-knit this crew really is. It was like they were a group of friends hanging out, not just a family unit. That is priceless in today's family culture. Sometimes I feel drained after family sessions, but this one left me energized.

Lake family, thanks for being so vulnerable and willing to do whatever I asked you to do. You know, like running in a "V", trimming some tree branches, or trying to be serious. There is so much life coming off of all of you. May your friendships with each other continue to grow and be strengthened as you play board games, got out for dinner, and laugh together. Here's a few favs...