John & Elaine: Never Walked Alone

They have walked a broken road of life, but God is the one who can redeem all things. On Saturday, these two dear people invited us to be a part of the celebration of a new beginning for them. Worship was incredible. Communion. Fellowship. Laughter. Tears of joy. Rolls Royce. Perfect weather. Beautiful venue. Delicious food. We didn't just go to an event, we were part of a worship experience all day long. John & Elaine, we wish you the deepest joy as you establish a new home together. Never once did you ever walk alone. Never once did He leave you on your own. He is faithful.


Adventure to the Beach

We decided last minute to make the most of a free day and take our little family to the beach to make some memories. Some of our good friends were vacationing there with their extended family this week so it was fun to connect with them as well. The kids loved it and the weather was just gorgeous. Sand and sun...our kiddos were so happy, and busy all.day.long!