Baby Catherine: 3 Weeks Old

She is named after both of her great grandmothers. A true miracle after many prayers were prayed for a baby to join this dear couple. Her mama and I go way back, as in...she was my matron of honor in our wedding over 13 years ago. Sometimes we have to take the long road to get to our dreams, but there is so much beauty in the journey of the long road. Like a lazy Sunday afternoon drive on back roads vs. just getting on the highway and getting to your destination quickly. Sure, it's not the most time efficient, but that doesn't always matter. Catherine, you were thought of long before your mommy and daddy ever laid eyes on you. There is so much love surrounding you and as you are held by many beloved family and friends near and far, they will say, "It is good to feel the weight of a miracle!" You are so loved little darling...



Acevedo Family

We had a wonderful reunion. It had been six years since I photographed their wedding and this past weekend I had the privilege of doing some family portraits for them. Romping around my aunt and uncle's farm, we enjoyed a warm summer evening together. They are full of joy and laughter!


Grandma Day

Strasburg Railroad. Oregon Dairy ice cream. Slip and slide. For real, this is every kid's dream day! We enjoyed every bit of it together. I'm not sure who looks more forward to this annual day...the grandchildren or their grandma?