To Us A Son Is Given

I know you have all been patiently waiting for more pictures of Isaac. I finally am getting around to some editing so here are a few from the hospital. He got quite a few visitors. I'm hoping to do his official newborn portraits this afternoon if all goes well. We shall see. Enjoy...


Isaac Ray Martin

On Sunday, December 26th at 7:55pm a new Martin entered the world. Weighing in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 20.5 inches long, our son was born! Here are the two brothers in their first picture together. Can you tell Malakai is a little excited?! We are all doing well. Just got home today and will post more pictures in the days to come...trust me, there are only a few :) What a Merry Christmas indeed!

Simply Amazed,


Landis Christmas Fun

This past weekend, we had our Landis family Christmas celebration. Wendall, Emily and Clayton came down from State College Saturday through Sunday and we had a great time of tractor rides, eating, gift giving, eating, game playing, eating, and just hanging out enjoying each others company. It is fun to watch as Malakai and Clayton continue to connect more and more not just as cousins, but as buddies. They love "farming" together and getting tractor rides from Grandpa. Never a shortage of energy when these two are together! Baby Martin is content to hang out a little longer in my belly. No matter when he/she decides to make an appearance, it's been a very special Christmas season for our family of three and we are cherishing every moment as we anticipate our little one's arrival. Hope all of you have an incredible week before Christmas getting the last minute things in place, wrapped, baked, and sent. Joy, joy, joy...