Christmas & Family

This year for the first time in a long time, our Christmas get-togethers were very spread out so it wasn't quite so overwhelming and very enjoyable for our little family. We opened up our presents on Christmas morning right about the same time we got news that Eric's dad was in the hospital. He was in a car accident earlier in the week. They did some testing and found a fractured sternum. On Friday (Christmas) morning, he awoke in great pain in his abdominal area and was quickly taken to the hospital and admitted into the ICU where they discovered he had seriously injured his spleen. How quickly our plans for the day changed. Eric and I went in to be with Dad for a few hours and were thankful for the excellent care he has been given during his stay. They monitored his blood levels in hopes that he would stabilize and be able to avoid surgery to remove his spleen. Our bodies are simple amazing and are able to heal and repair themselves internally. He has been doing great since then and we anticipate him coming home very soon...with his spleen!! Praise God!

Our families are both very important to us and we are realizing this more and more the older we get. Yesterday we spent the day with my family and enjoyed opening gifts, eating mom's incredible food, watching old home videos of trips out west, and playing with Malakai and Clayton. Here's a little window into our time together which we all cherish.


Gideon & Me

Malakai loves our dog, no doubt about it. And Gideon takes all the abuse like a champ. He gets ridden like a horse, his big lips get pulled on, his body gets driven over with little matchbox cars and trucks almost daily, etc. They are two peas in a pod and I love my little chocolate babies.