All In A Day's Fun...

It was a massive day for this momma:

- Isaac's preschool costume parade
- Malakai's school fun run
- Malakai's class party
- Bonfire, bounce house, barrel train ride at my parents' church

...not to mention school drops offs, nursing my baby boy multiple times throughout my day, cafe' date with my mom and Hadassah, driving around the neighborhood searching for my missing dog...(yup, Gideon is starting to wander off in his old age), making dinner, getting a baby dinosaur in costume, keeping track of four kids in the dark, and well...you get the picture. Momma was wiped out at the end of the day. I think everyone had fun when I look back at the pictures I took. Whew...thankful for a weekend ahead with not much agenda. Oh, and an extra hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings!


Just The Six Of Us

Of the 158 images we received, these two keep surfacing to the top as my favorite ones. We had our family portraits taken last Friday by another local photographer and friend, Kent Mast. It's always way harder being the subject than the photographer, folks! I love how he captured us. In the coming days, I will most likely post some more, but this will have to do for the weekend...


He's Not A Baby In A Manger Anymore...

Noah just tried out his new booster seat last night at the supper table. Not because he's eating solid foods yet, but because it's hard to eat a meal while bouncing a squirmy baby on your lap. In other news, over the last ten days or so, he has popped out two pearly white teeth on his bottom gums. Slow down, kiddo!


Landis Family

This family has twins and lots of spunk! Lori told me they have never done a photo session before besides for the church directory and lets be honest...it's hard to capture much personality in those shots. We started out by hauling a big wooden ladder around that never made it into any shots, crawling in bushes, standing by silos that had just been filled and ended with sitting on a tractor, larger than life! And the best part...this location was literally right down the road from my house. Meet the Landis family, party of five...


Weekend Retreat in the Poconos

This past weekend, Eric and I stole away for 48 hours to the Pocono Mountains. Noah got to tag along too. It was the first time we were away overnight by ourselves (yes, having only one 5 month old baby along is basically like being by ourselves ;) for about a year and a half. The weather was perfect! We hiked almost 3 hours at Bushkill Falls and the trees were breathtaking. We were so thankful to just have no agenda and go at a slower pace. We still don't know how to eat slowly anymore after always having to juggle multiple young eaters ;) And the trip ended with a vibrant rainbow literally down the road from our house. Thank you, Jesus for a refreshing trip. And thank you, Jesus for willing grandparents who took care of our lively bunch while we were away!


Birthdays and Pumpkin Picking

We love to celebrate birthdays in our family. It's always a treat to get your favorite meal at Grandpa and Grandma's house. This time, it was Eric's turn. Last week, I went pumpkin picking with Isaac's preschool class. He found the perfect one and the weather was gorgeous.