Pete & Jen: 5 Years Later

They met at school but didn't like each other. She was the quiet, straight-A bookworm and he was the almost-in-trouble punk with a 2-sizes-too-big basketball jersey. They ended up IMing each other one night and that became the catalyst of their friendship. You could say they were the poster couple for "opposites attract".

And her wedding dress...listen to this true story. After they moved, their old house was broken into but they didn't think that anything of great value was missing. Jen prayed about it and kept checking a nearby dumpster when she saw a box she recognized a few days later. She pulled out a trash bag that had a dress bag and white dress inside. It took a few moments for her to realize it was her wedding dress. Had she been dumpster diving a few days later, the dumpster would have been empty as it was scheduled to be picked up. I love how the LORD even cares about wedding dresses!

Their 5-year anniversary is 11.20.09. This photo session was something Jen had been dreaming about and wants to continue every five years. What an incredible idea! Love looks different on you with each passing year, you know. Here is what five years of marriage looks like on these two. Pretty incredible I would say...

A Night In The City

Last night we took Malakai into the city to our former neighbors' houses for some trick or treating. Didn't go all out this year, just put his beloved wig on and everyone thought he looked like James Brown! Here he is with our friend, (and one of his favorite babysitters) Melissa. She watched him while Eric and I went to a walk-through drama production at In The Light Ministries where my cousin, Marvin was one of the actors. We stood in line for two hours outside with his wife, Dori and were getting pretty "punchy" by the time we finally got to go inside. The hour long production was extremely powerful and tear-jerking. One of the prayer ministers shared with us that they know of over 100 people that committed their lives to Christ (Some Hindu, Muslim, etc.) after seeing the play. Praise God!


Derek & Lindsay: Engaged

There's always been a little bit of chemistry between them because that's how they met...in Chemistry class. How cute is that? They weren't even supposed to be in the same class because they were in different grades, but God had it all planned out. Ever since then, they've been in separable...3 1/2 years and counting. Their wedding date is set for next Oct. 23rd and they couldn't be more excited. Lindsay is just so sweet and sincere. When I talk with her, I know she really listens to me and that is such a valuable personality trait. Derek is Mr. Steady. He doesn't seem to get worked up about much and adores his fiance'. We had a great afternoon together on our little adventure in Manheim. I found some new favorite spots I think! Here's a few highlights...