Ice skating on the pond

Yesterday afternoon Eric and I took some friends of ours, Nate & Janelle, to go ice skating on his parents' pond. We had fun playing hockey, pretending to be world-class figure skaters, and chasing the two dogs around (Gideon and Heidi-the Martin's dog). Gideon would chase the puck around forever, every now and then getting ahold of one and sprinting (well, slipping and sliding) off the ice and tearing around the pond where no one could catch him because most of us had skates on. Our niece, Tirza even came and got to ride around on the sled her daddy made with skis on the bottom. No one fell in (except Gideon a few times around the edges). He was soaking wet but didn't seem to mind the frigid water. These times make the winter months a lot of fun around here in PA. I told Eric the other day that I am so glad we live in a place that has four different seasons. I love the variety of the changing outside activities. Hopefully we soon get some more snow because I have yet to make a snowman or snow angels!


Backyard Snow

There's nothing that makes Gideon more hyper than a fresh snowfall. Yesterday I took him on a long walk in the city. By the time we got back, we were both soaked, but we were having so much fun. The neighbor boys Cory, Javan, and Elijah came over and were helping me build a snowman (which Gideon kept eating) for awhile. The squirrels have a life-long supply of peanuts thanks to our next-door neighbor so I "borrowed" a few from my furry friends to make eyes so my snowman could see. They lasted all of 2 seconds and then Gideon ripped them out and chomped them down. I guess he didn't think it was important for Frosty to be able to look around. These little boys were laughing so hard with Gideon and they didn't seem to mind that their hands were turning red because they didn't wear their gloves! We were out for almost 2 hours and when we got inside, he plopped down on the floor and didn't move. He was one pooped puppy.


Life Beyond Photography

I realize it's been awhile since I gave you any updates on our adoption journey...let me fill you in. On January 5th, Eric and I completed the adoption educational training class which fulfilled our final adoption requirement. We met several other couples who are on similar yet different journeys of building a family through adoption. Our hearts were so encouraged by just simply being with people who fully understand our years of heartache and our joy of anticipation as we dream about what is in store for us in the months ahead.

In a few short days, our profile will become available for potential birth mothers to look at and pour over as they make the tough decision of who are the right adoptive parents for their child. Eric and I worked very hard on this profile which consists of 12 pages telling the story of lives, who we are, where we live, what we like to do, our families, etc. It is crazy to think that this little profile will be a major deciding factor in which child we will bring home to join our family.

The LORD has given us great peace in this process. There really is nothing to fear. He has already hand-picked our son or daughter for us so whether it takes 3 months, 6 months, or a year, we believe His timing is perfect. So while we wait, we prepare for the day we may receive a phone call that their is a child waiting for us! It is not like a pregnancy where you know you have 9 months. In an instant our lives are going to change! That is stretching to anyone's flexibility.

As we wait, we are filled with hope and excitement. This past week, we painted our little nursery "Bicycle Yellow"! Eric (who HATES to paint) thought it would be a fun project for us, to build our faith and let the reality sink in that a little person is going to sleep in that room! I happened to look in the newspaper's Bargain Counter (which I don't think I have ever done) to see if anyone was selling "baby stuff". Well, talk about hitting the jack pot! The LORD hooked me up with a crib, changing table, pack n play, stroller and car seat! All of them are like brand new for incredible prices. I have to admit I felt foolish driving down the road with Gideon and an empty car seat in the back of my car! We even picked out a glider rocking chair that my parents want to give us as a gift. Seems like we have everything but the baby...and that will come soon.

Maybe it's silly that we got our little nest ready ahead of time, but maybe it's just the LORD preparing us for something that is right around the corner. We just felt that there was grace to do it and so we went for it. I know that once May hits, I have weddings galore until the fall. Each wedding I book, I think, "Oh my goodness, I might be a mommy by then!" I keep asking the LORD, "Do I put on the brakes with Radiant Images and slow down to prepare for motherhood?" And He keeps telling me, "Just keep doing the thing you love-photographing moments in time, meeting new people and serving me. I will tell you when to transition." So...as we wait, Radiant Images continues to grow...and grow...and grow.

To those of you who have used my services over the last 2 years, thank you for investing in my photography. You have changed my life forever and my hope is that I have changed yours too. I am still amazed at how the LORD is connecting me to so many of you. He really loves us. He knows that we need each other and He knows that we need Him. Eric and I are anticipating great joy as we enter 2008. I will continue to share our progress in adoption with you as we move forward. In the meantime, keep praying for Baby Martin...we will meet him or her soon!


Jake & Rebecca-12.29.07

For this wedding, Eric and I headed to Fleetwood Bible Church for the ceremony followed by a reception at Bear Creek Mountain Resort. It was so much fun to know the bride and most of the bridal party which consisted of only family members. Rebecca's brother, Josh and his wife, Shelly are close friends of ours. The day was a blast for us. Everyone involved had lots of energy and we found ourselves laughing quite a bit. Rebecca was gorgeous (as usual) and Jake was Mr. GQ. The reception was very unique as there were people snow boarding and skiing in the background at the resort. I wanted to get the newlyweds on the slopes but didn't know how that would work with a wedding dress! Jake & Rebecca, we pray for a great unity between the two of you as you begin life together as Mr. and Mrs. Krueger. Enjoy some of my favorites.