Lunch with Daddy

Today our family had lunch at Buchannon Park. It's really close to Eric's work so Mommy and Malakai picked up Daddy and off we went. It is a beautiful day here today...71 degrees to be exact with no humidity. I could take a whole summer of this weather. I had fun watching Daddy and Malakai loving on each other. Squeals of joy can be heard coming from our little 4-month-old son when these two are together. It's pretty obvious that Eric thinks Malakai hung the moon and vice versa. When they were laying on the blanket Eric starting singing the words to a country song..."I live for little moments like that". Our lives are so full of "little moments" right now. We don't want to miss a thing so we just got a video camera last week and are enjoying making our memories into little video clips. Daddy is in charge of that machine and Mommy is in charge of the camera. Tomorrow we have a wedding to photograph so stay tuned for those images coming soon...


Road Trip to State College

My brother's family lives in State College, PA on a beautiful farm. Sunday, we went up for a visit. Too bad it was raining or we would've been able to take a walk in the woods. It is so refreshing to have so much space around you. The mountain air clears your lungs when you breathe. It's wonderful. We were eating lunch and I looked out the window and there were two deer standing in their back yard. Eric and I got all excited, but it's pretty normal for them to have deer just walking around in their yard.

Wendall & Emily raise Angus cattle and are in the midst of the calving season. If we would've stayed a little longer, we could've seen one being born. Eric and I wanted to test out our new Toyota Highlander to see how well it could do on gas mileage (23 mpg, not bad, huh Dad?!) and have some quality time with Uncle Wendall, Aunt Emily, and cousin Clayton (who is now 21 months old and quite a little man!). This was the first time they met Malakai in person. We enjoyed watching the boys interact together. We know Malakai will love going to their farm more and more as he gets older. They have cattle, a horse, and a dog, Rocky. Not to mention acres and acres of woodland to explore. Thanks for a fun day, Wendall & Emily. We love you.


Stolen Ganache...

Yesterday afternoon Gideon, Malakai, and I went for a walk downtown. I wanted to stop at the Prince St. Cafe and bring home some ganache filled cookies for Eric. He loves this special treat. So I got them, brought them home and put them on the table in our living room so I wouldn't forget them for our picnic that night. Well, needless to say, someone in our family (who happens to have four legs, not two) has an especially sensitive sniffer and zero self-control. While I was busy looking the other way, in the kitchen, Gideon knocked down the box with the ganaches in them and helped himself. By the time I found him, he had already feasted on our desserts! I was so furious and he was so full! I told Eric to get him in the Highlander and that I didn't want to talk Gideon for a little while. He really was a disobedient child. I had told him earlier not to touch that box and had already scolded him about digging in our trash can too. He is still a puppy and will be a year old on April 29th. Some days it feels like Mommy has two kids, one that weighs 15 pounds and one that weighs 95 pounds! Anyway, last night we took the guys to Lampeter Park and enjoyed a beautiful evening in the woods. Here are pictures of our day.


Republican Committee-Spring Dinner

Eric and I attended and photographed our first political party event last Thursday evening. What an honor it was to be a part of this special event. The Republican Committee of Lancaster County has two annual dinners; one in the spring and one in the fall. This spring the dinner gained national attention when the former Governor of Massachusetts and former presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, agreed to provide the keynote address. Over 475 people gathered in the Palm Court, at Willow Valley Resort to listen to what he had to say. I was asked to take candid shots of the guests interacting, similar to a wedding reception. I learned a lot that night about patriotism just being around a group of people I wouldn't normally find myself in. Here are a few images from the evening. Many thanks to my friend, Andrew for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do yet another "first" for Radiant Images. I hope to be able to cover more of these events in the future.