Something to Bounce About

In honor of Malakai's Gotcha Day, we always do something special to celebrate. This year we took our family to That Bounce Place. What a riot! The boys had an absolute blast and well, let's be honest, so did Daddy and Mommy. Total body workout for all of us. We all slept like rocks last night! It's a great way to exercise together as a young family.  After almost two hours we had a few tears, some brush burns and lots of laughter. Definitely a wonderful time!

Gotcha Day

Five years ago, my arms were empty in the morning, but by the end of the day, they were full to overflowing, just like my heart. Malakai Grant, our first born son became part of our family on Feb. 25th, 2008. That was then...

This is now...


Bumbo Sittin'

The big brothers are excellent at entertaining their little sister. Today, it was the marble roller. The event turned into a very cute photo opportunity, ending with bare feet for Hadassah (thanks to Isaac pulling them off and throwing them across the room...how fun!) and hugs, smiles and kisses from the siblings. The moments are never dull around this house. How many days until we can play outside ALL.DAY.LONG???


One Year Of Love

On February 4th, a year ago, she met him at the altar in her breath-taking wedding gown to become his wife. I was there capturing the event. Fast forward to February 2013. Kelly wanted to celebrate the past year of marriage by doing an anniversary photo session. Before we began, I asked the happy couple what has brought them the most joy in the last 365 days. Both Justin and Kelly were quick to answer that spending time together and enjoying being able to relax in their home that they have fixed up has been very refreshing. It doesn't take long to see how they feel about each other. Kelly knows that her man has hung the moon and Justin adores his beautiful bride. I was honored once again to be asked to capture the love between these two people.


Thankful Heart

My dear little children and my momma. I heart them all, and not just on Valentine's Day, but every single day!