Keiser Family

Silliness...that's what I felt when I hung out with this family. They were such a riot! There little dog, Flash, "talked" and everyone had a voice they could impersonate. It's so refreshing to just see a family laughing together. It was as if they were first friends and then family which is often the opposite of how we relate to one another as family members. I appreciated their light-heartedness and joyful spirits. Meet the Keiser's...


Our Vacation At Rehoboth Beach

This year we waited until mid July to go on vacation and it was a long wait! We usually go in June but with all the weddings booked, it just didn't happen. It was wonderful to just relax, not take phone calls, not check email, and have no extra things on the "to do" list. Eric and I were determined to leave our businesses behind and totally enjoy the week even though the work doesn't go away. We realize the importance of refreshment in the midst of our busy season and this was just what we needed to refuel for the next couple of busy weeks again. Malakai loved the beach even more this time. He's slowly exploring the sand and water and loves to feel the texture of it between his toes. We also went bike riding, hung out at the pool, ate lots of seafood (our favorite), did some shopping, watched some movies, lounged in the hot tub, played chess, and took a row boat ride in the bay. We are blessed and thank God for our time away as a family.