Christmas Time in the city...

I thought I'd give you a little peak at what our home looks like around the holidays. This really is the most wonderful time of the year. Yes, I have all of my shopping done early and even have my gifts wrapped, but only because I have lots of photography projects going on in December. 3 weddings and several family portraits to name a few! So don't be jealous, I am not sitting around twiddling my thumbs just waiting on Christmas. Last weekend we made gingerbread houses with Eric's family so you'll see our (mostly Eric's) handy work in some of the pictures below. I hope you can all enjoy this special season we are experiencing right now. It truly is a miracle to celebrate. I got the new Bebo Norman Christmas cd and the lyrics to this one song keep playing over and over in my mind.

He (Jesus) was a baby born to die. His only purpose for living was dying...for me, and for you.

Now that is love. I pray that we all would experience the unconditional love of Christ this Christmas and always. You are His beloved. Don't ever foget that. No matter what situation you find yourself in, the truth is: YOU ARE HIS BELOVED!


Trowbridge Family-Nov. 24th

It's so fun to be able to do different projects for the same clients. I photographed Jesse and Mary's wedding in September and on Saturday, I did their family portraits at Lancaster County Park. Their daughter Maya is such a cutie and we had fun watching her run around in the leaves in her little ruby red shoes. She is a big fan of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! Jesse and Mary, I really enjoyed our morning together and I love your family. There's something really special about the three of you. Enjoy your first holiday season as husband and wife!

High Family-November 23rd

It was a crisp and colorful fall afternoon on Friday when I met the High family at Greenfield Park. We kept things moving quickly so everyone's fingers wouldn't freeze. Coats were kept on until the last minute and then they would throw them off quick as I snapped away. This family is spread out over several different cities and states so it was a treat to have them all together again for this family photo shoot. I hope you had a great holiday together. Here are some of my favorites.


Martin Family-November 18th

Jason is Eric's older brother. Him and his wife, Amber have an almost 2-year-old daughter, Tirza and they wanted some family portraits done. Amber is a great photographer herself and loves to scrapbook, but Tirza is at the age where self-timers on cameras just won't cut it. She needs action, so Eric was busy behind me making funny faces and noises, while I was busy snapping my camera. He said he was drained afterwards...funny, but I wasn't all that exhausted. Sometimes, taking the pictures is the easiest part of the job! Jason and Amber, it was such a pleasure to do this for you guys. Eric and I enjoyed every minute of it because we love you both and we love Tirza too. Her life is such a miracle! Enjoy a few of my favorite shots below. See you on Friday for the first ever Martin Family Gingerbread House Event!

Shelter from the Rain

Tirza, our little niece, found Eric's coat to be a warm, dry spot during the family photo shoot she was a part of on Sunday afternoon. I thought these were cute.