Putting In A Patio

This project was not for the faint of heart. Wow. Soooo much hard work went into it. Loads of stones, tamping, stones, tamping, sand, leveling, sand, leveling, pavers, cutting, carrying, sawing, keeping the little people busy, keeping the dog out of the sand, keeping the men hydrated, keeping the sand out of the house, and keeping our cool (when it was 90+ degrees out!) We are so thankful for friends and family members who came to sweat with us to see the project completed. Eric and I sat on it Saturday night under the moon on folding chairs and breathed a deep sigh of "thank you, Jesus." There are still a zillion little details that need to be done to totally bring it to a close, but we love what we are seeing! Now we need to back fill dirt, plant grass, put the top layer of sand on, tamp, and put in the 8 missing border pieces that we ran out of. Most importantly, we need to get a picnic table and then we can enjoy this new space with our loved ones. So, who wants to come over? Meet you on the patio!


Second Grade

None of us are exactly sure how we feel about the big guy in the middle leaving us for most of the day starting today. He is excited though! Second grade, here Malakai comes!


Noah: 3 Months

This little boy melts me...


Noah's Dedication

Yesterday we dedicated Noah to the LORD publicly at Life Center. We have done this for all four of our children and always look forward to this special day with our families. There is something really sweet about sharing a bit of our child's story of how they came into our family. Afterwards there is a prayer and prophetic ministry time with each family who dedicated their child. It is very personal and profound. We are so thankful for little Noah Jude and are excited to watch his gifts and personality unfold in the weeks, months, and years to come.


Bumbo Bros...

These are a few of my favorite things...



...always taste better when shared!


Getting Clean

Noah loves bath time! Everyone loves to help him get all scrubbed up.


All The Ladies

Our annual ladies session...captured by Eric. Third year. Love my momma and my daughter.