Celebrating With Family

It's been a whirlwind of festivities since the week before Christmas. Birthdays, holiday parties, and family gatherings have been non stop. The boys are currently playing with their cousin, Clayton who is here from State College for a few days. There is no time to be bored, that's for sure. We've enjoyed a lot of quality time together and are thankful for the break from regular life routines. Here's a little of what we've been up to...


Finally Four

Filled with passion, zeal, and determination...Isaac Ray is our child of promise. Born the day after Christmas, eight days early, four years ago. Suddenly, our six years of infertility ended and we held our second born son in our arms for the first time. 7:55pm to be exact. I will never forget it. Does any mother ever forget that moment her babe breathed their first breath?

He does nothing half way.  Lives life fiercely. Full throttle. Leads with his head (literally). Has a decided heart. No turning back. He will change the world for Jesus, and has already changed mine. I love him with all that is within in me. Does he drive me to the edge of sanity? Absolutely. Would I have it any other way. Nope. He's my son and today we celebrate his life and the future that the LORD has in store for him.

Happy birthday, kiddo. You bring us laughter and joy unspeakable. We love you, Isaac!


The Kids

These three little darlings are the best gifts I have ever been given. And they all still fit under the Christmas tree. I look forward to capturing this pose every year. My babies are a growin'.

Baby Martin is 20 weeks and growing strong. Eric took some pictures of the two of us in the early morning frost today. On Christmas Eve we have our ultrasound and we are excited to see baby dear.


The Birthday Boys

11 candles on an ice cream cake for our 7 year old almost 4 year old sons. Lots of wind power blew them all out! We celebrated with the grandparents on Wednesday night and seven first grade boys on Saturday morning. There is lots of partying going on around our house! Eric and I cleaned our garage and made it shine like new (until almost midnight Friday night...yeah, we're so wild!) and were so thankful for the space for all the testosterone to let loose. Relay games, the limbo, musical chairs, a pinata, food, and outside football and we were good to go. I laughed a lot and so did they. December birthdays aren't so bad if you can be creative with indoor space. Little boys are like Tiggers...bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. They don't just sit and talk with each other, they wrestle, talk loudly, and love to move around. Eric and I looked at each other after the three hour party was over and both said, "We'd do that all over again!" Isaac's turn will be in a few years, I guess. I felt a little like a summer camp counselor once more giving directions, getting kids in line, and demonstrating games. We are so thankful we have two young little men to celebrate and raise up for Jesus.