Getting Familiar...

It seems there is always a reason to take pictures every day at our house these days. Yesterday I watched as Daddy and Malakai drifted off together in Daddy's favorite chair. Last night Gideon and Malakai were having some good interaction together too. We have to give these two small doses of each other right now. Gideon wants to nibble at Malakai, but we know he really loves him. Soon they will be best buddies!


Our Son...

Well, after many years of waiting, Eric and I are finally parents and we are loving it! Malakai is such a sweet baby boy and he has had many visitors already. Here are a few pictures of him with some of his favorite people. It's impossible to post all of the pictures of each of his visitors because the doorbell keeps ringing. We gave him a bath today for the first time and that was a lot of fun for us. We also went on our first walk around the neighborhood as a family (Gideon too) which was a big adventure. We often find ourselves wide awake in the middle of the night with Malakai and we are either playing, praying, singing, feeding a bottle, or changing a diaper. I have been remembering songs my parents used to sing to my brother and I growing up, before we fell asleep. It's incredible how memories are stored in our minds and brought back to life at just the right time. I keep looking at him and saying, "Eric, this is our promise...we get to stare at our promise from the LORD every day for the rest of our lives!" It's so sweet...


Loren & Doreen - 2.16.08

The weekend after Valentine's Day is a very popular one to get married. I had a wedding booked for the past two years on this weekend and they always seem to be extra sweet. Loren and Doreen were married at a church in Camp Hill, PA. It was a beautiful winter day, full of snow and sun. We went to a local farm for pictures before the ceremony. No one seemed to mind the cold weather, even the women who were wearing strapless dresses. The worship time was powerful. I was feeling extra worshipful as the day before Eric and I had found out that we were going to adopt little Malakai Grant for sure. I noticed all of the babies at the wedding more than usual. Doreen and I were neighbors growing up. Our parents are good friends and she would drive me to school before I was 16. It was an honor to photograph her wedding day. Loren and Doreen, I pray that you would experience life and life abundantly as you begin your marriage together. Your love for the LORD is contagious. Enjoy some of my favorite images from your wedding day.


Malakai Grant Martin

What a day of rejoicing! Eric and I met our son for the first time today. It was so amazing to hold him, kiss him, and just look him in the eyes. He is more handsome than we could have ever asked for or imagined. It doesn't seem real yet that he actually is our son and we really are his mommy and daddy. We met his foster mom who is a strong woman of faith and has made a tremendous investment into the very beginning of his life even before we knew him. We get to visit him two more times this week and then next Monday he comes home to live with us, his forever family. It's so wild. I have a son...I don't think the fullness of that reality has set in yet. There will be more pictures...many more! I am so full to overflowing right now! God, You are so faithful in all that You have promised. My heart says thank You, for You are good.