Chalk Roads

When the imagination is working...the possibilities are endless. This happened last night and they entertained themselves for several hours without fighting and fussing. Praise Jesus for homemade chalk roads to ride!


Beach Day Trip

There's something always exciting about a last minute beach trip with friends. It was a glorious day on the sand and playing in the water. Many memories had by all...


Seth & Lauren: Married

It couldn't have been a more meaningful and heartfelt wedding. These two...melted me. In her vows, Lauren said to Seth, "I don't think you could cherish me more than you already have." That's how the whole day was. Just so many sweet moments to cherish. We enjoyed a gorgeous day at Lauren's home...a dream she had since she was a young girl. She was a radiant bride on her own family's property. The LORD was front and center of their wedding celebration and it is very evident that their foundation is strong in Him. A chord of three strands is not easily broken. It was an honor to photograph this first day of their marriage.



Almost Summer

Good thing we have a long driveway...