Stoltzfus Family

As soon as I arrived at their incredibly beautiful wooded property, I was quickly informed, "We're leaving for Creation as soon as our pictures are finished." No pressure to get done so the giddy bunch could head for the hills! These guys were so laid back and fun. We clicked right away and I knew it would be easy to capture their personalities. The guys wanted to get some with their bows. It was a little intimidating to look through my lens at three men with raised bows and arrows pointing straight at me. But I had complete trust that they wouldn't have me for dinner! Hope your week at Creation as a family was a blast. And here they are...


Tim & Jen: Wedding

If it really is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, then this is the year to get married! Seriously, it's been crazy how much rain we've been having this year and it certainly keeps my mind thinking about creative ideas for posing people. Saturday, the heavens opened up just as I had all the girls set up...plan B. That's pretty much how the day went and I just had to roll with it. Jen was so calm even in the poor weather conditions. Her dress definitely got more than a few raindrops on it and not one complaint out of her. I had to check my own attitude after hanging out with such a calm bride.

As soon as the ceremony was over, the sun came out in all her glory and we were back in business! We took some group shots at a farm nearby that Jen's grandparents used to live on. She had a sweet childhood memory of slurping on Kool Aid Juicers on the front porch with her sister...spoilage from Grandpa & Grandma. Off to the reception where good food and dancing awaited everyone. Tim & Jen, I hope your honeymoon to beautiful Maine is a sweet time of connecting as husband and wife and just plain relaxing. Here's a few memories (yes, you can say you have wedding day memories now!) of your wedding day.