Race Against Racism

On Saturday, Eric ran another 5k...the Race Against Racism. He really didn't do any training which was amazing to me. There were about 4,000 runners so it was crowded but still fun to be a part of. We watched him cross the finish line (this is where I get all choked up) and then enjoyed some food in the park from some local vendors. Malakai wants to run this race with Daddy sometime, probably sooner than later. Can't wait for that day when Daddy doesn't run by himself anymore. There may be a few Martin boys tagging along :)


Heisey Family

Apple blossoms, huge orchard, beautiful night and adorable kiddos. Yup, it was one of those great nights! Eric grew up with Neil and Liz. I've photographed their family in years past and we've been connected through the amazing journey of adoption. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be part of their lives. Here they are...


Joyful Reunion

Eric was gone on a business trip to South Carolina for 6 entire days. I packed my week with extra activities and had lots of outings with friends and had friends over to our house. Joined the local library, dined at Chick-fil-a for the first time, snuggled with my boys, and we made it! Early Sunday morning (around 1am), dear Daddy came home and it was a joyful reunion! The boys couldn't wait to jump on him, play in the sandbox with him, watch him shoot his bow, and just be together. I felt like a puppy too :) Distance does make the heart grow fonder. That's the longest we've ever been apart in our almost 9 years of marriage. Glad we survived and thankful that his job can keep him local. Life is meant to be shared with someone and I'm so blessed that my someone is Eric Ray Martin! Below is the sandbox fun I captured last night.


Easter Weekend

What a full weekend for our family! Friday, was definitely Good...for a lot of reasons. Eric had off work so we got to sleep in a little. Had a big breakfast, went out for lunch and hiking to Landis Woods with Gideon and the boys. That night, we had Easter dinner at my parents' along with an egg hunt and baskets. Hearts were full.

Saturday was Eric's Grandma Kopp's funeral. She was 94 years young and full of life to the very end. She had asked Eric years ago to give the meditation at her funeral and he was quite honored to do so. About two months ago, we updated his 15-year old suit with a new one but didn't know what the first occasion to wear it to would be. What a perfect day to break it in. Grandma was one of 12 children and her 99-year old sister came and shared lots of memories of her baby sister, Alma. Eric shared one thing during the service that really has been sticking with me. He said, "Grandma was not swallowed up by death. She was swallowed up by life...eternal life." I love that. We all have a choice. Will we be swallowed up by life or by death. I choose life!

Sunday was another day of celebration. He is alive! Our pastor had a great message and again my heart was captured as I realized the great price that was paid for my life by Jesus. He literally went to hell and back. For me. For all of us. Only a measureless love could do that. I am His beloved child. We spent dinner together with the Martin family celebrating Easter and my mother-in-law's birthday (which is today!). Egg hunt #2 for the weekend and just being outside in the beautiful spring weather together.

This morning, my dear husband left for Hilton Head, SC for the week. His construction company had a big remodel job going on down there for the last three months and this is the final week. We've never been apart for more than three days, so six days feels like an eternity. Today is day one. So far, so good. Hopefully I am this peace-filled by Saturday. Believing for an incredible week with my boys, Gideon, and whoever else stops in.