Hard Workin' Men

Gotta love these two...


Good Family

Janelle played field hockey with me at Messiah College. We hit it off right away and why not? I mean we were both Landis girls :) From different tribes, but still proud of our heritage. She only hung around her freshman year and then did a missions trip in Alaska but our paths have crossed once again because of our love of photography. She's got a few projects under her belt too...weddings, kids portraits, etc. It was fun to share our dreams as moms and photographers and encourage each other in the journey. Her husband Kurt and I used to show pigs together in 4-H (believe it or not:) You got it, I herded piggies around the show ring with a big wooden cane...definitely not nearly as into it as I was showing my sheep but it was a good college fundraiser. So last night, the Good's came out to our place with Jocelyn (4 days younger than Malakai) and Erica (7 months). Always a fun time in the pasture...

Terrific & Two

...those words go hand in hand around here, well, at least most days. I haven't taken any portraits of Malakai for a long time. Sometimes I just need a break from my camera but this week I got itchy again to update his 2 year pics from last fall. So we had a mini session before my real family session with the Good's began last night here at the "farm". People often ask me how I get my dear son to pose so nicely and stand/sit still for pictures. I have no secrets to hide...I'm just his momma and he knows how to work the camera, what can I say? Hopefully Baby Martin is taking pointers in the womb :) Malakai spends a lot of time with his kitties: Cookie, Cupcake, and Sundae and is always first in line for a ride on the skid loader. Entertainment around here is free!