Gotcha Day...#4

It was a day full of fun memories. We had a dear friend of mine (love you, Kelly Hess!) snap a few family pics in her back yard (haven't had any done since October when it snowed) and we were on our way to Sharper Image. Malakai was going to get his first professional haircut. And Mommy and Daddy were going to get a hair care education. Malakai was pretty nervous, but the promised lollipop was a huge help to get through the first five minutes of tears. Elio, his barber, started combing out his hair and little did we know we should've done that a long time ago. It was amazing to see how much hair he really does have when it's combed out. He could totally do a nice big afro someday if he wants to :) So we took pictures and tried to keep Isaac from eating too much hair off the floor and watched the transformation right before our eyes. Our little four-year old had a fantastic shape up and looked like he was about 8. Mommy almost cried because he just looked so handsome! After a lollipop and gumball, we were on our way.

Back to the house for some pizza and play time. For dinner, we took him to one of his favorite spots...Oregon Dairy. I mean, what kid wouldn't want to be distracted during the whole meal and watch a train go around and around the salad bar? "I'll have a cheeseburger, french fries and pink ice cream!" His favorite color is unashamedly pink so no other ice cream flavor will do. It was a day full of laughter, family bonding, and most of all, thanking God for the blessing of Malakai in our lives. Our hearts are full to overflowing!


Celebrating Malakai

Today, four years ago, in a snow storm, we brought Malakai home to forever be a part of our family. It's affectionately known as "Gotcha Day" in our house. And we do a lot of celebrating! He was only 10 weeks old when we met him for the first time and he stole our hearts instantly. Today, we have some fun things in store but you'll have to wait and see what we did in another post. We love you Malakai Grant! We are so thankful God found us you.


Chocolate Pancakes

Hey Isaac, how are the pancakes? You like?

Family Time

The boys love horsey rides and Grandpa is so skilled that he can do both at once. And they can't get enough! It's the simple things in life...

This past weekend we took a trip to State College to spend some time with my brother, Wendall and his wife Emily and our nephew, Clayton. Upon arrival, Malakai got busy playing with Clayton's farm equipment and then we all enjoyed some homemade ice cream before bed. Saturday morning, Emily made us a scrumptious breakfast and we headed to the Penn State beef/sheep barns where Wendall works and spends a lot of his time. We saw a few baby calves and lambs and even got to pet a gentle bull. Afterwards, pizza was calling our names. So we filled our bellies and went to watch Clayton play soccer that afternoon. It's always fun to watch the boys playing together and we love making new memories.


My Funny Valentines

Malakai was supposed to wear red to preschool yesterday so I dressed Isaac in red too. Adorable little valentines! We spent time making homemade valentine cards out of construction paper on Friday night for Malakai to hand out to all of his friends at preschool. Stickers and little drawings. I didn't remember this holiday being such a big deal, but apparently it always has been. He came home with a huge bag of goodies from his classmates and was excited to show everything to me. So after a special lunch of heart-shaped pb&j (his favorite), I handed out a few gifts to the boys as well. A few weeks ago, my neighbor graciously gave me a box of toys and clothes that her kids were done with. It was an amazing blessing and I decided to spread out the gifts over time instead of all at once. So yesterday a few of these items appeared. I still have some that will make an appearance around Easter. They loved the new fire truck, blocks, and ball popper but about ten minutes later, I found them wrestling. This is becoming a regular activity. Gotta love being a boy mom ;) Usually Isaac just laughs his big belly laugh and Malakai smiles and smiles. I love to watch and yesterday I had my camera nearby to capture a few moments.

I don't know about the rest of you, but winter is really starting to drag. I mean, it's one thing to have a winter where it snows 18 inches several times throughout the season and you can go and play in the white stuff, but this year has just been so dreary. A few snow flurries here and there but too wet to even bother to go out and play. Tonight, Malakai starts his 6 week long swim lessons. We did it last May/June with him but it was way too much with our busy wedding season, so I decided to try it over the winter here. Gives us all a reason to get out of the house and Grandma offered to come along and help out. I think Isaac may want to go swimming too :)

And yes, we had a wonderful, quiet Valentine's evening in. The boys had a pizza party at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Eric brought home Rachel's Crepes and we had a few hours of a quiet house to ourselves. Music and candlelight, all in our own home. Now that is relaxing at it's finest. We realized this was our 10th valentine's day together. Our first big date was on Feb.14th ten years ago when I was a senior at Messiah College and Eric was fresh out of YWAM. He took me to The Timbers in Mount Gretna and we've been back several times since. It's also where he took me the night we got engaged so we have plenty of special memories from there. Oh how time changes everything. We are so blessed!

Happy Wednesday!


Justin & Kelly: Winter Wedding

There is something very romantic about getting married in the winter. Makes you want to snuggle up to the one you love and drink something warm. Justin and Kelly got to do both. It was a beautiful winter day, complete with a few flurries of snow when they said I do. Kelly was an absolutely stunning bride. She cried when she saw her groom for the first time waiting for her. She cried when she danced with her dad. Justin couldn't take his eyes off of his beloved. Love was very present.

After the ceremony, we did some outdoor portraits with the bridal party and tried to avoid frost bite while still getting some natural light. Even in the dead of winter there is much beauty to behold in the outside world. Justin and Kelly are enjoying their honeymoon in the Bahamas while it's snowing here.