Ben & Steph: Engaged

One of my favorite parts of being a professional photographer is hearing how two people are led together. Two life journeys meshing together as one. It really is a miracle. Because no two stories are ever exactly the same, it's something absolutely worth sharing and celebrating. I am constantly amazed at how the LORD guides and directs each one of us if we are still enough to hear and then listen to His whispers. This is Steph's perspective on "how we met"...

I joined a new small group through my church last year that was based on the book, The Power of a Whisper, and was all about hearing the whispers from God and how to respond to them. Little did I know, a few weeks into the group, I would be putting what we were learning into practice…

It was the second to last small group, and the couple leading the group asked me to stay after everyone else left. I had a million thoughts running through my mind, but had no clue what they were about to ask. The leader's wife told me that every time she saw me, she had a name pop into her head. One night after small group, she asked her husband who he thought of when he saw me…and within a few seconds, he said Ben, the same name that she had been thinking every time I walked into the room. They prayed about it for a few weeks, and this particular night, they decided to ask if I would be interested in going on a blind date with her cousin, Ben. I don’t remember saying much after they asked, as I now had a million new thoughts running through my head. They decided to give me a week to think about it, and told me I could let them know at the last small group meeting.

Once I got in my car to drive home, my initial reaction was “No, absolutely not. This isn’t me, I can’t do this. I hate being set up.” I was battling myself the entire way – my mind kept saying no…but something in me kept saying “you should say yes…take a chance.” As I’m in the middle of this battle in my mind, I pull up to a red light and a song comes on the radio, Shine, by David Crowder Band. The first line of the song is “Send me a sign, a hint, a whisper. Throw me a line, 'cause I’m listening.” Instantly, it hit me…the feeling inside me of “you should say yes” was actually a whisper from God. I downloaded the song as soon as I got home that night, and as I took a walk each evening, every time the “I can’t do this” feeling came over me, this song came on. The next small group came around. I had made my decision that yes, I would listen to this whisper from God. Knowing that it was out of my hands, I would go on the blind date.

We decided to make it a double date and meet at their house. I’m typically nervous when meeting new people, even more so with it being a blind date. I actually had to convince myself to pull out of my parking lot or I was going to be late…that’s how nervous I was. I pulled into their driveway just behind another car. Ben had pulled in right before me. He got out of his car and smiled at me, and all of the nerves that I was feeling completely dissolved. All it took was that one smile, and we have been together ever since. Needless to say, I am very glad that I listened to that whisper!

Meet the happily engaged couple...


Garage Buddies

Hot spring days...isn't that an oxymoron? It was close to 80 in the sun this morning and my guys all needed a break in the shade. We chose the garage floor. It's mostly clean, right? So they were discussing mini animal crackers and alphabet pretzels. Malakai is quite the comedian and always making Isaac laugh. Brings so much joy to my heart to watch them just loving each other. Here's to many more breaks in the garage on hot summer days when the bikes and rider toys need a rest.


Good Ol' Girl

My mother-in-law just rescued this beauty. It was a donation to a local thrift shop and because of the broken knob they were unable to sell it. I've never owned a waffle maker in my 32 years so I'm having fun trying out new recipes. Today I made apple spice waffles. Malakai willingly is my taste tester and helper. They were so yummy! Even the match box cars are drawn to them.


Cabin Getaway

It's usually cold and sometimes snowy when we take our annual trip to the cabin with the Martin family. But this year was quite different. 70+ degrees, warm enough for a hike with no coat, running around outside barefoot, eating at the picnic table and even a campfire with some biting bugs. We always look forward to this time away as a family. Saturday night, after the kids were in bed, we watched a home video from the early 90's of the Martin family. We were all laughing/crying so hard our bellies ached afterwards. What treasures! It makes me realize how important video cameras and picture taking really is for the next generation to enjoy and look back at with found memories. Someday, I hope our children will do the same with us.