A Day At The Pool

We took a family day at a friend's pool yesterday. Oh what fun we had! All three kids went off the diving board for the first time and couldn't get enough! We have quite the little water bugs! Noah even got in the water and quietly enjoyed it. We were thankful to get two hours in before a big thunderstorm came up and dumped almost two inches of rain on us while driving home!


Weekend at Grandpa and Grandma's

Every summer we get together for family weekend. Sometimes we stay at my parents and sometimes we go on an adventure. This year, due to having a newborn we were at Grandpa and Grandma's for the weekend. Tractor rides, barrel rides, slip and slide shenanigans, doggie roast, mountain pies, bikes from yester years (my parents kept my brother and I's bikes from when we were kids and our boys ride them around!), petal tractor, farming indoors and good conversations were all part of the weekend fun. All 11 of us had a wonderful time and I know the cousins made lots of great memories together. My favorite was when we all got on the barrel train and took a nighttime ride around the pasture under the moon.


Weekend at the Cabin

Even with temps in the 90's and some rain, we all had a great time at the annual Kopp family weekend at Raystown Lake. The kids all went tubing...yeah, even our two year old. She is her mother's daughter. Loves.The.Water! My heart about fell out of my chest as I watched her sailing along being the boat with Daddy's arms around her. She was chattering away and smiling and waving. That girl! Everyone slept like rocks since naps were thrown out the window and we were in the water as much as possible. Noah did great too and enjoyed being held by all the willing arms! Another great year of memories made together with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.


Dave & Katrina: Wedding

We had a few months break and were were back on the wedding scene this past weekend. After giving birth to our fourth baby, Noah just 8 weeks ago, I was thankful to be feeling so well and ready to cover a 6 hour wedding day with Eric. And what a gorgeous day it was. Both the weather and the location. Dave and Katrina chose to get married on her family's farm. Breathtaking. Simple. Genuine. The day was filled with close friends and family. The spirit of joy and freedom were at the forefront and no one could say enough great things about the happy couple. I literally had to turn away during the father/daughter dance as I was overcome with emotion just watching Katrina and her dad together. He has loved her well and is entrusting her into the care of her handsome groom, Dave now.
I am so thankful for my beloved clients. Whether I have 75 in a year or just a handful. They challenge me and remind me that I am capable of more than I think. Here's a little preview of a wonderful day shared with these amazing people...